Actress and Singer/Songwriter Aria Brooks Releases Debut EP “castles”


Actress and singer/songwriter Aria Brooks, also known as ARIA, has always been into music. Enriched by growing up around a family of performing arts teachers and musicians, the young artist soon found her rhythm and, from the young age of six, turned her attention to a path towards a career in the entertainment industry. The inspiration for ARIA’s music comes from her own personal experiences, and she touches on topics that she truly relates to including mental health, self-love, lack of equality, and a host more of real-life everyday issues affecting the youth of today.

Finding twinnin’

One of her songs, twinnin’, has had an enormous impact on ARIA. She explains. I wrote it about how people tend to do certain things that they aren’t comfortable with because they think it is necessary for success. People feel the need to put on a front to gain followers or get money. I used to feel like I would have to change to achieve my goals.” ARIA goes on to say that she realized through the production process of her song that if people cannot accept her for who she is, then success by its own merits is not worth the value that is placed on it.

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ARIA believes that it is extremely important to find producers that match your style, as it makes the creative process much smoother, and more fun! Having like-minded people on your team helps everyone understand your vision and develop it to your taste. With her  favourite track yet to be released, ARIA offers a sneak preview into the title [if u knew me before, no you didn’t]. This song led to a revelation for the artist when she was writing and recording it in the studio! She hopes that through her music, listeners feel a range of different emotions. ARIA wants everyone who listens to her songs to feel confident, happy, sad, loved, and seen which will enable them to better relate to the music and lyrics she is producing.

Strength in Family

ARIA explains that her friends and family have been instrumental in providing a support system that allows her to reach for the stars unabated. Opening up about having dealt with people who did not want to see her succeed, she points to having utilized writing and performing as a way to escape and overcome her insecurities.

“Back in 2019 and into 2020, my anxiety got really bad. I have never considered myself depressed but sometimes I found myself in a very depressed state. It happened when I was put in high stress situations and met with toxic people.”

Therapy was ARIA’s saving grace. Having started therapy, support groups, and surrounding herself with positive people, ,she took a social media cleanse to get through this difficult period of her life. She notes that while social media comes with negative aspects, once you learn how to navigate it, social media can be a great asset to have in your toolbox.It has been very helpful to show people a glimpse into my life. I want my followers to feel like they know me to a certain extent.” ARIA says that while she will always have a personal life outside of the entertainment business, she wants people to feel like they can relate to her!

Putting Your Mental Health First 

ARIA’s biggest advice is to put your mental health first. She explains that sometimes it may feel like a little bit of stress is worth a lot of success later. However, all that stress builds up and can have negative consequences. She points out that no amount of success can help you mentally. Keeping your mental and emotional health in check will help get you through a potentially stressful situation. 

“My biggest challenge has been my mental health. It was hard to try and salvage it while trying to learn lines or focus on my career. Luckily, I have overcome that, but it was a big part of my life.” 

ARIA released her first EP, castles pt. 1, earlier this year and it is available now on all streaming platforms. Be on the lookout for castles pt. 2, which is set to drop later this year. #watchthisspace