Prepare to be transported into what can simply be described as “JUST WOW“. Sitting down to watch Back to the Future brought back memories of what it means to dream. It was clear from the very beginning of this amazing production, that Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, the creators of the Universal Pictures 1985 movie, did not want to remake Back to the Future unless they knew they could do justice to their original masterpiece. 

Based on the original 1985 hit movie that defined an entire generation, Back to the Future the musical sticks true to the plot of the movie whilst incorporating modern days quirks and toe-tapping music. 

This theatrical masterpiece follows the main character Marty McFly as he embarks on an adventure back in time. Using the time machine invented by his friend Doc Brown, an eccentric scientist, Marty blasts into the past in a converted Delorean. Arriving in his home town in 1955, Marty manages to stumble his way into the lives of his parents, changing the course of history. This explosive musical captures all the best moments from the original movie, with a stunning combination of lighting effects, set design and graphics. 

Roger Bart as Doc Brown in Back to the Future the Musical, credit Sean Ebsworth Barnes

From a stage designed to be immersive to its audience, to the clear attention to detail in all the sets and costumes, there was so much to see and marvel at. It’s like you are inside the time machine itself, part of the story. The DeLorean was one of the greatest stars of the show, exploding onto the stage in a burst of colour and flashing lights. 

Applause, cheers and gasps filled the auditorium throughout both acts of the performance. There was this buzz of electricity and excitement, making the entire experience something completely unforgettable. 

As Doc Brown says throughout the course of this creative piece of revolutionary musical theatre, this is for the dreamers. So start dreaming, as the reality is Back to the Future is a revelation and one you simply can’t miss!


Author: Chloe

I am a second year History and Creative Writing student at the University of Hertfordshire. In my spare time I love to read, watch musicals and write.