From Nashville, Tennessee comes breakthrough artist Zye Ca$h. With a TikTok following over close to 500K, the artist highlights that the essence of music is a form of therapy. As a single father, with a young daughter, Zye Ca$h explains how music has enabled him to express how he really feels inside and get through the difficult times. Going onto recall how “Growing up he never wanted to be an artist but as he got older, he realized he had a gift. I chose getting into the music industry because I enjoy creating and feel like I can make an impact on a lot of people with my music”. Values he says many individuals across the US strive for, but struggle to find.

“The music industry is so hard to make a career out of. I’ve had to struggle and sacrifice so much to do what I do. To me it is all worth it but the biggest challenge is not quitting when it’s hard. I refuse to quit, I’ve come way too far”.

Zye Ca$h latest song “Love Someone” has a very personal sentiment for the artist. He highlights how he strives for his music to hold an element of weight to it. Looking forward to connecting with someone special and have his “own person” one day. His song “Love Someone”, was written for this purpose. To offer hope that unconditional love will be apart of his life. He explains that his music is simply the embodiment of the artists soul in song form. With a belief that it is unique due to the experiences he has lived through, offering a unique perspective on life.

He feels the reason his music stands out is due to the process of listening and composing a range of genres. To date, “Daddy’s Girl” has been his favourite creation, due to it being written for his daughter. A release scheduled for later this year.

For Zye Ca$h, family is everything. He highlights his brother Paul as being one of his key inspirations [who sadly passed away in 2017]. Alongside his dad and mom, the artist points to his daughter being his biggest inspiration as he highlights how she has pushed him to be not just the best artist but the best father possible. Zye Ca$h points to NF as being one of his biggest influences. He explains how NF’s music has a unique ability to get straight into your soul. Music that has enable the artist to get through a great deal throughout this music career. With plans to release a music video for “Love Someone”, and having just finished his next single “Lights Out”. There is alot to look out for with Zye Ca$h. #watchthisspace