You have a product you believe in, what it does, and what it can do for others. And you surely have a sound business plan to back it all up. But, at some point, things (in other words, sales) may begin to stagnate. If you have this experience, now is the time to shake things up a bit and help your products shine. Keep reading to learn how to help elevate your wares.

Use branded adornments.

People seem to go crazy for things with a brand name on them. Whether it is an eponymous tote bag that goes for a high price or earrings with a brand logo, you have certainly noticed that these things sell. They are also popular posts and discussion items in the world of social media.

It is time for you to get on board with this personalisation trend. You do not need to embellish your products with your brand name and logo if that is not in line with what you sell or your general vision. Instead, what you can do is invest in personalised ribbon to achieve the same results. Use the branded ribbon with your company’s name, colours, and logo on it to add the final touch to gift wrap or as a way to hold delicate branded tissue paper together over your new item.

Take it all a step further by posting ways for your customers to reuse and repurpose the ribbon. Perhaps they can tie their hair back, make a ribbon keychain, or tie the ribbon to the handle of a purse or tote bag. Any of these ideas are suitable ways to further the useful life of the ribbon and continue advertising for your company.

You and your team should watch this video to learn how to tie the perfect ribbon.

Host a gift-wrapping party.

Host a wrapping party around the holiday season or any time of the year. This is an opportunity to further promote your brand and company through assistance and kindness. Invite loyal customers or all of your customers for a special event where they can have their gifts wrapped for free (or for a small fee). Use only your company’s branded tissue paper, wrapping paper, and personalised ribbon in the brand’s colours. 

This is a great way to further publicise your business and brand. When you bring people into the store for a one-stop shopping event where they can purchase the gift and have it wrapped all at once, you are making their lives easier and eliminating one extra task for them. You can offer the same thing online and have everything wrapped before it ships to the intended recipient. A nice touch is to include a card with the company logo and instructions on how to use the product or a small gift card for a percentage off their next purchase.

Showcasing your products and helping them shine in a sea of shopping competition is important. You have worked so hard for your business and want the world to see what you have done. Promote the products you have made with branded and personalised ribbons and unique wrapping options, and help move your company to the next level.