Eight Reasons Why You Should Study in Wales


Welsh Cakes

Food in Wales is beautiful – think bara brith, cawl, Glamorgan sausages… and the very best snack that you can consume in the country, Welsh cakes! Gorgeous little sweet things made from sugar and currants, you’re sure to pack on a few pounds after discovering these beauties.

The Price

Wales is one of the cheapest places to live and go to university.

Accommodation typically only costs around £300 a month, and you would never need to pay for petrol to get around because everything is pretty much within walking distance.

The Views

Wales is easily one of the most beautiful countries in the world! We have some of the highest rated beaches around – such as Three Cliffs Bay, The Gower, the Mumbles, and Swansea Bay – along with some truly gorgeous natural parks. Wales is known for being very hilly, also, meaning that you can always start the day with a jog up the mountain or breakfast on a hill.

The Nightlife

Rivalling the nightlife of Southbank and Shoreditch, the nightlife in Wales can be pretty crazy. Even small towns like Aberystwyth boast more bars than actual shops, and alcohol tends to be quite a fair bit cheaper than London. Nights out at university are one of the main things that people always refer to when they reach middle age and are stuck to reminisce about their past – and going out in Wales can really be a whole other experience altogether.

Photo by Gavin Whitner
Photo by Gavin Whitner

The Accents

Oh my lord, do not get me started on the Welsh accents! People say that Scottish and Irish accents are gorgeous, but believe me when I say that Welsh really is on a whole other playing field.

It’s like being part of a big family

Especially if you choose to go to uni at a smaller city, it always feels like home. Everyone knows one another, and you’re bound to run into several people you’ve gone on nights out with, even if you’re only popping to the local corner shop.

The Castles

Wales has a really beautiful, intricate history – the best of which can be found at the heart of the castles. With over 600 castles across Wales, you’re sure to bump into one pretty much wherever you go, where you can learn more about the complex history that brought this country together.

It’s one big ol’ adventure

There’s always something going on in Wales, and there’s always people who want to drive out to the local mountain range, or spend a night skinny-dipping in the ocean, or island-hopping to a pretty little secluded patch of land, floating in the sea. Wales is one of the most vibrant, exciting countries there are – and you’re sure to never spend a second bored whilst at uni here.

Amy Aed
Author: Amy Aed

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