Exclusive Interview: Extremely Talented Duo Amine Edge & DANCE


Hailing from Southern France, Amine Edge and DANCE have been busy establishing their own signature bass-heavy tech house with their memorising twist of  four-to-the-floor bangers. This year the pair are back once again to absolutely smash the Common on Saturday 24th August 2019.

We caught up with the talented duo to find out more about their incredible journey, and what plans are in place for the future.

When Amine Edge was around ten he fell in love with dance music. It wasn’t until later on he found out about Djing.

“mixing two tracks together for me was a real passion! When I got my first turntables at thirteen all I was doing was spinning every day. At sixteen I started playing in clubs in my town and built a small reputation, I realized quickly that if I want to make it as a DJ internationally I will have to make my own music.”

Amine Edge’s first track “House Music” was released in 2007 which was supported by Hernan Cattaneo. For the aspiring DJ, it gave him alot of energy to keep going.

Fast forward to 2011, DANCE and Amine Edge who are long-time friends,  started to make a few tracks together just for fun and soon Amine Edge & DANCE was born with a big support from Solomun that released one of their first big hits.

“I didn’t choose this path, a passion is not something you choose, it happens, it’s like love, you fall in love, you don’t decide to fall in love. – Amine Edge”

DANCE has always been passionate about music so when he was twenty he decided to buy a computer and start making some rap beats.  “It was hard at the beginning but then I started to be good and work with some Rappers from my city Marseille”. Having spent time working for very big rappers within the French music industry, DANCE decided to start making house music with Amine. The rest is history…

The duo have created around forty tracks so far in 2019, and whilst all have yet to be released, AMINE & DANCE are keen on making oriented tech house tune with a funny vocal that their fans can enjoy.

The duo constantly strive to renew themselves, openly admitting that they never do the same thing twice. They define themselves as eclectic. Their favourite creation to date has been  “Ruthless” on Desolat, as for the boys, it was very different than all the other club tracks they have done. The track has enabled them to open up doors into the very closed underground techno scene and the respect from the big ones of this style like Hardfloor, Josh Wink, Chris Liebing or Carl Cox, and very importantly, Loco Dice.

“It’s a very hard thing to evolve in the industry when you have a specific style stamped on your forehead, a lot of people think our style is still what we did in 2012, well we constantly evolve and every year is different, that’s why this EP was important to us!”

Ultimately for the duo one of their biggest goals is that their fans come to their shows without expecting anything other than just good music.

For Amine Edge, House is an incredible art form, one that is hard to explain. Equally though, for Amine Edge, the best music has no genre, good music is good music. DANCE credits Amine with introducing him to House music, which he has not looked back on since they got together.


Amine Edge explained that nobody around ever believed in him. Through sheer determination and raw talent, Amine has chosen to never listen to anyone’s advice and follow no set rules. For Amine, the reason for this is we live in a society where people think the masses are right. He believes the opposite.

For DANCE. his father was very instrumental in guiding him to where he is right now. “He always pushed me to make music, he always believed in me. He always helped me when I was broke because it was hard for me to survive when I was just making beats for rappers. He’s a smart and successful person. He’s my mentor, I always wanted to be like him.”

The duo believe that  no matter what music you do, there’s always someone to like it, the thing is you have to find them.

Music Industry – Evolution

For the duo, there are too many artists who have achieved success that they feel is undeserved. The reason is because these artists know how to build a hype, or because they have money to invest. For the boys, making your own music and hustle is more authentic and real. However, they admit. that this is the game you play being involved in the music industry. It’s not fair and will unlikely change in the near future..

For aspiring musicians, the duo recommend making music with love and passion. PASSION is the everything!

Looking to the Future

The duo are currently working on a vast amount of music. This upcoming year they will be promoting Eps on Desolat (Loco Dice’s label), Rawthentic (Carlo Lio & Nathan Barato’s label), Cuckooland, South Of Saturn (Lee Foss,’s new label), Solotoko (Sonny Fodera’s label), Nervous, Desert Heart with two dope remixes of wAFF and Justin Jay, and also their release 100 on their label CUFF with some “dope” remixes from Jimmy Edgar, Matt Sassari and Eskuche.