Exclusive Interview with KOOLKID


Growing up in Glasgow, KOOLKID was surrounded by live music from a young age which inspired him to pick up the guitar and have a go at writing his own material . Having always been in love with music, he explains how he always used to sing and dance around the house as a kid.

“I feel like this path chose me and not the other way around. I feel like I would be totally lost if I lost the ability to write or perform my own music. It’s all I really know anymore if I’m honest.”  


For KOOLKID, releasing “feelings” has enabled the artist to open up a lot more. Openly admitting, he used to hold back from telling the truth in his music but finding as he matured as an artist & writer over the years, he found confidence that is now showing in the sound her produces. The inspiration behind “Feelings” was about a time in KOOLKID’s life when he really fancied someone but they were in a relationship already.   

KOOLKID describes his sound as atmospheric pop with a meaningful lyric.

“I always want my music to tell stories along with being super catchy. I feel that coming from more of an acoustic background, this shows in my song lyrics. One of the stand out points being my super catchy melodies. I love a good melody.

The artists is keen to see his listeners feel “SOMETHING”! Whatever his music can make them feel, KOOLKID wants to ensure the listener feels like they are not alone when listening to his music. To put the listener in a good space, a place of comfort and joy.

Paying homage to his family, KOOLKID highlights how incredibly supportive they have been in allowing him to pursue his dream.Openly admitting if it wasn’t for his parents he probably wouldn’t be doing music.

“They have kept me going through every hurdle and still to this day continue to support me. It means the world. I know a lot of people might not have that support and it makes the journey so much harder but I believe that if you want something enough, you can have it. You just have to work really really hard.”  


The music industry is notoriiously difficult to get in to. KOOLKID highlights how it took him a lot of time to really find the people he could work with best; which enabled him to find the exact sound he wanted to bring to the table.

“I don’t think you can rush this process and need to be in as many writing sessions as possible until your team falls into place. This is the exciting part which helps develop you as a writer but also as the artist you intend to be.”  

KOOLKID believes the music industry currently needs to reevaluate what it’s looking for. There are so many talented Artists out there that don’t seem to be getting the chance because they don’t have 1million followers on Instagram. It should go back to being about the music, not about how many likes you can get for your breakfast.  

For students looking to get into the music industry, KOOLKID recommends writing as much as possible. “When you first start writing don’t expect your songs to be number 1 hits. It takes time and practice like anything else.”  To stay focused and not listen to any negativity that comes your way. The reality is rejection happens a lot in this industry. Highlighting having been rejected so many times, it only takes 1 person to say yes. “You can literally have anything you want in life, if you work hard enough for it. Visualise what you want, work harder than anyone else & you will have it.” 


KOOLKID’s biggest challenge so far has been dealing with Anxiety:

I don’t speak enough about this particular topic but I feel like it will fit in nicely. Last year, I suffered my first ever panic attack & I thought I was going to die, literally. It really knocked me back and into this dark hole of anxiety. I was scared it would happen again so I chose not to leave the house. I felt like something was really wrong with me but the doctors said I was fine and it was just anxiety.

Dealing with all this at the same time as trying to write his music and go to the studio was tough. Highlighting that if you experience any of this at all, know that it does pass and you are not alone. You will come out the other side a lot better.  

Currently KOOLKID is working on getting more music together to release in the upcoming months. This includes work with the team to get back on the road and perform live which for KOOLKID is very exciting. The goal for 2020 is to keep putting out music and building on the fanbase he already have. “Fans are really important to me. It’s like family.” Anything else is a huge bonus.