HOUSE OF CARDS (SEASON 5) EPISODE 1 REVIEW: The Underwoods are back with a bang 


Written by James Reilly – Student Pages Entertainment Journalist/Film Critic

Netflix continue to bring some of the most engaging, challenging work of television I’ve witnessed in the last few years, and nowhere is it more prevalent then in their original masterpiece; “House of Cards”. The shows previous 4 seasons have captivated, intrigued and gripped me from start to finish, and so with the anticipated release of season 5 on the 30th May 2017 I ask, was it worth the wait? 

Yes. Yes it was. 

The first episode of season 5, or Chapter 53 for those keeping count, picked up straight where we left off with the Underwoods fighting in the campaign trail for the presidency as well as trying to instigate a new fight of their own; the fight against terror. While every season has felt relevant, perhaps no previous season has felt as relevant or in touch with todays politics as this one. The character of Trump is scarily embodied in Frank Underwood and his relentless attacks in the name of terror and national security, and I eagerly await to notice any more subtle (and some not so subtle) comparisons between both the faux American president, and the current one. 

It’s hard to go into the episode with spoilers, as will all the subsequent reviews I post here for the season, but suffice to say my anticipation for this episode was duly met and boy does it feel good to be at home with the Underwoods. With 12 episodes left this season I cannot wait to sit down and binge them while getting lost in political intrigue, interesting characters and addictive plotting – which makes House of Cards one of the best current television shows you can watch today. 

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