Business Intelligence Analyst


    Transformation of Industry

    We are seeking a
    skilled Business Intelligence Analyst to join our team. The ideal candidate
    will leverage analytics tools to identify trends and insights that will aid in
    strategic decision-making, analyze data from projects and operations to help Product
    Owners, Team Owners and Department heads to make informed decisions. In
    addition, this person will create automated tasks for reporting processes, and management
    of operations and project execution data. This is a multifaceted role that also
    involves running monthly activities, participating in regular meetings with the
    Department leaders and other stakeholders, and supporting annual planning and
    regular forecast processes.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Responsible for Business
      Intelligence activities of the R&D/MNT operations and execution
      projects, including monitoring data and providing insights on projects, operations,
      and department KPIs. This requires strong analytical skills, as well as
      the ability to work with department leaders, product owners and team
      owners to develop and implement improvement measures.
    • Work closely with department
      leaders to develop budgets and forecasts that align with the department
      strategic goals. This requires strong communication and collaboration
      skills, as well as the ability to translate data into actionable insights.
    • Use Tableau, Alteryx and other
      tools to automate tasks and streamline department and project reporting
      processes. This includes creating dashboards and reports that can be
      updated automatically, monitoring KPIs as well as developing workflows to
      automate data preparation and analysis.
    • Responsible for preparing
      reports and presentations for stakeholders, including MF&OP top
      management. This includes creating project & operations key figures,
      reports, and presentations that are accurate, timely, and easily understandable,
      identifying trends and insights that will aid in strategic decision making

    Monthly Responsibilities:

    reports through data consolidation from timesheets, allocation costs management,
    and invoices from third-parties, etc.

    in regular meetings with stakeholders to discuss the cost center, reviewing
    financial statements and analyzing department data and providing feedback.

    maintenance and improvement of reports and dashboards (e.g. Tableau dashboards)

    department leaders on annual planning and regular forecast process

    of internal department processes (e.g. automated input of data)

    of Frame Agreements/Individual Agreements, SLA’s between EAD countries

    reports that support on forecast calculations for offers and project management.

    necessary data to support on purchase orders creation

    Collect monthly
    costs of DSE resources as data to provide valuable reports


    • Bachelor’s degree in
      engineering, economics, finance, or related field
    • 2+ years of experience in data
      analytics and business intelligence
    • Strong analytical and
      problem-solving skills, with the ability to analyze complex financial and data
      sets and identify trends and insights.
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel
      is mandatory.  
    • Knowledge
      of BI Tools is mandatory. Tableau specific is a plus.
    • Data Science and
      Analytics skills are a plus.

    About the team:

    You will have the opportunity to work with a
    highly specialized team, contributing to the creation of innovative solutions
    in a collaborative work environment.

    In EAD MF&OP DSE (Digital & Solution
    Engineering), we are a team of experts with the common goal of empowering EAD
    regions to better serve our customers. Our work spans project execution as well
    as research and development in various areas including electrification,
    automation, digitization, engineering standards, solution security, and

    The DSE Digital team is a globally distributed
    group of passionate and diverse professionals coming from six countries. We are
    responsible for driving EAD’s digital business, developing innovative products
    and solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Our team is composed of
    professionals with a wide range of skills, including back-end/front-end
    development, data science, cybersecurity, software quality assurance, and
    UI/UX. Our main focus is on providing asset, process, energy, and industrial
    operations management solutions to various markets including Offshore, Pulp and
    Paper, Maritime, Oil and Gas, and others.