International EOR (Employer of Record) Manager



    Job Overview:

    The International EOR Manager plays a pivotal role in the company’s global business strategy, responsible for planning and implementing the company’s EOR solutions abroad. This entails global market analysis for EOR services, expanding partner networks, maintaining client relations, and offering visa strategy consultations. Monitoring performance metrics to ensure the business aligns with the company’s quality and profit objectives is also key.

    Key Responsibilities:

    1. Policy Analysis & Solution Design:
    Dive deep into labor and HR regulations of foreign countries. Develop professional EOR solutions that align with the company’s profit objectives.

    2. Client Needs Analysis & Consultation:
    Understand and cater to prospective clients’ international HR needs by offering specialized advice and tailored HR solutions.

    3. Internal Collaboration & Process Enhancement:

    • Ensure effective communication and collaboration between the international department and other company divisions.
    • Monitor internal operational systems and suggest enhancements.
    • Strengthen overseas agency relations, particularly in the receivables risk control area.
    • Regularly train the customer service department on EOR solutions, ensuring contractual accuracy.
    • Collaborate with the marketing team to formulate and update country-specific EOR documentation and promotional materials.

    4. Overseas Supply Chain Management:

    • Handle the initiation, monitoring, and nurturing of relationships with overseas suppliers.
    • Preserve the company’s competitive edge in the international agent network, solidifying its standing in the global marketplace.
    • Annually evaluate the service quality of overseas suppliers and pivot strategies based on findings.

    5. Client Relocated Consultation:
    Acquire deep insights into client backgrounds and offer expert relocation advice. Establish and maintain partnerships to support local visa intermediaries and legal institutions to smooth out the work permit and relevant permit application process for clients.

    6. Other Collaborative Duties:
    Flexibly support and collaborate on other company tasks and projects as necessary.


    1. Must hold a Master’s degree or an equivalent level (dual degrees considerable) of education or higher.
    2. Background in International Relations/Politics, International Business, Human Resources, Law or a related field is a plus.
    3. Experience collaborating with overseas agents; having existing overseas agent resources is a distinct advantage.
    4. At least 10 years of experience in EOR, global business expansion, or visa application.
    5. Proficiency in international labor laws, taxation, visa policies, and compliance issues.
    6. Exceptional interpersonal communication and negotiation skills.
    7. Ability to work autonomously while being a productive team member.
    8. Strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities.
    9. Fluency in Chinese, English, and any other relevant languages.
    10. Sales-oriented mindset with an undying zeal for international market progression.
    11. Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment managing multiple tasks. High resilience, a dedicated work ethic, and impeccable professional integrity.
    12. Continuous learning capability.