Therapy Learning Lead


    Prior's Court

    To ensure delivery and monitoring of teaching and/or learning for the key areas of allocated Area of Learning, and the Learning Programmes within it.

    To prepare all young people to reach their ambitions for health, happiness, independence, and work after leaving Prior’s Court.


    1. Leadership and Management
    • To work with all the operational partners in ensuring consistency of approach and contribution to the goals of each young person.
    • To work collaboratively with other Learning Leads to ensure Learning Specialists oversee and integrate the application of other Areas of Learning in their own work, required to achieve the targets in each of the young people programmes.
    • As part of the educational leadership team, adopt a solution focused approach to overcoming challenges to the delivery of learning
    • As part of the Operational Team the job holder is responsible for contributing to delivering the overall strategies and developments of the organisation, and the day-to-day delivery of learning
    • To line manage Learning Specialists within the assigned Area of Learning, who are accountable for the planning and delivery of the specific learning programme outcomes for all young people (5-25) at Prior’s Court.
    • To ensure the work of the school remains at an Outstanding rating by Ofsted.
    1. Design and delivery of young people programmes
    • To ensure sequential learning across the learning programmes of the young people and update the relevant Learning Programmes as required.
    • To work collaboratively with other members of the Education Leadership team/Operational Team.
    • To hold to account the relevant individuals for implementation of strategies for assessment and to measure progress against overall skill levels and individual target achievements of the young people.
    • To ensure evidence for different audiences demonstrates the progress made.
    • To challenge the team and hold Specialists/Learning Facilitators to account in ensuring young people are being stretched to be as ambitious as possible.
    • Ensure all staff working on the programme are fully briefed about the whole programme and how it is being implemented and progress of young person tracked.
    • To ensure information relating to the Learning Programme is current and relevant within individual This is Me plans
    • To chair a regular review of progress cycle and hold people to account including identified Spotlight meetings.
    • To ensure the progress of young people is communicated to all interested stakeholders (young people, parents, staff, placing authorities).
    • To ensure, where appropriate that the young people gain qualifications and accreditation that is externally recognised.
    • Conduct an annual strategic review of programmes to ensure they remain relevant and at the leading edge of similar programmes anywhere in the world.

    2. Supporting the Learning and Wellbeing leads with other young people programmes

    • To support in the implementation and progress reporting across the Waking Day.
    • To ensure that the overall programmes for each young person are individualised and prioritised for their key current needs.
    • To ensure quality of external reports to represent the progress and skills of the young people.

    3. Development and application of Prior Approach

    • Contribute as appropriate to the design and delivery of Prior Approach training to staff.
    • Ensure all aspects of the Prior Approach are being applied during the implementation of all young people skill development programmes.

    4. Strategic planning of Prior’s Court

    • As part of the operational team, the job holder will contribute to the creation and implementation of the organisation’s strategic plan approved by the Trustees.
    • Report ongoing progress to Head of Learning.
    • Write proposals for any development investment projects relating to areas of responsibility.
    • Ensure that through visits to the school and meetings with key individuals or teams that the trustees have a full understanding of key areas.
    • To ensure Prior’s Court remains an Outstanding provision through development of innovative resources that impact future outcomes.
    • To work collaboratively with other organisations to further develop resources and moderate work to ensure high standards.

    5. Other responsibilities

    • To ensure that through robust processes and high standards that young people gain skills over their time at Prior’s Court School.
    • To be responsible for a high-quality learning environment that meets appropriate health and safety requirements.
    • To support training of various methodologies to ensure high quality provision and a culture of learning and respect of autism.
    • To represent Prior’s Court School at conferences to showcase key areas of your work.
    • To provide on call services throughout the academic year.
    • Safeguard and promote the welfare of all young people and ensure robust practices across the organisation.

    Any other tasks as directed to meet the requirements of the role and to always operate in a style that is consistent with the values and vision of Prior’s Court