Transformer R&D engineer


    Grid Technologies

    What are my responsibilities?
    作为西门子能源电力变压器研发部门的研发工程师,在每年确定的研发项目中承担研发任务,从变压器铁心,线圈及器身,引线,铁件,组部件和设计工具方面负责:As R&D engineer under organization of Siemens energy power transformer development department, involve R&D activities for transformer components in core and clamping, winding and winding assembly, leads connection, steel parts, accessories and design tools as following:
    •全球设计团队在设计过程中出现的问题的技术支持Provide technical support for engineering department during design process
    •技术方案的优化,参数化设计Technical solution optimization and parametric control design
    •设计原则的创建,更新和维护Design rules creation, updating and maintenance
    •设计工具技术要求的准备Engineering tool specification preparation
    •统一设计和标准化One design and design standardization
    •设计工具的测试和修改要求和反馈Engineering tool testing, request for modification and feedback
    •全球设计图库,模型库的创建,更新和维护Global modeling, drawings creation, updating and maintenance
    •设计原则和设计工具应用的技术支持Technical support for design rules rolls out and engineering tool application.
    What do I need to qualify for this job?
    •本科及以上,机械制造或电气工程专业Bachelor and above degree of Mechanical or electrical engineering
    •英语听说能力English understanding and speaking
    •喜欢从事研发工作Be interesting in R&D design related work
    •熟悉3D Creo 软件和良好德语听说能力优先Familiar to 3D Creo; German understanding and speaking preferred.