London based duo Sondr; and their new single “Raise the Roof”!


We sat down with London based duo Sondr prior to the release of their highly anticapted release “Raise the Roof”. A song which the duo explain was inspired from the UK House and Garage genre. Keen to make an uplifting dance record for both radio and club alike that listeners could get behind and move to. 

Describing their music as dark, with an undertone of feel good, Sondr explain how they try to incorporate as many analogue and organic sounds as possible into their production. “We are always striving to release great songs, and push the genre forward in some way!”

The duo explain that their path into the music industry was originally as writers and producers. Highlighting how their first single “Surviving” was originally for a different artist signed to Ultra. As fate would have it, the owner of Ultra records loved their original version so much he asked if the duo wanted to put it out as an artist themselves!

Healthy Life Balance

The duo point to the support they have had from their friends and family as being instrumental in pushing them forwards. Going onto point out how they try to incorporate those themes into their lyrics, and keep a healthy work/life balance so they have time to enjoy life with the people that inspire them!

Sondr open up about how in the pursuit of their dream, they have come across individuals that have sought to take advantage of their vision. They highlight how the music industry can be incredibly tough on top of the struggles of every day life. With a lot of uncertainty which tends to manifest in the form of anxiety and depression.We are both quite open about our mental health and we encourage people to find someone to open up to”. 

They go onto explain how having people who advocate your talent is hugely important – from fellow artists, to the label, management and publishers. Where everyone is working together to let you put out the music you feel passionate about! The duo go onto point to having worked on several campaigns across social media – most recently track breakdowns of their records, live streams of performances and fan engagement exercises. The key for the artists is concentrating on the music, finding your sound and vibe, and trying to do something that is unique to you! But most importantly to have fun whilst doing so!

The duo explain how their biggest challenge so far has been getting someone to believe and advocate for their music. Having taken many years before they met the right team. A point in their lives which since has made the journey far more smoother. The duo are now looking forward to new upcoming singels, more collaborations and a few remixes to add into the mix!#watchthisspace