London based vocalist Nathalie Miranda on Catch22 & Finding her Artistic Rhythm!


We caught up with UK London based vocalist and song writer Nathalie Miranda following her highly anticipated release of her new single Catch22. A journey the artist explains was inspired by the music she loves to listen to. Ranging from classic Blues to Soul. A sound further inspired by artists’ Paul Rogers; BB King; Christina Aguilera and Aretha. The song itself a depiction of the journey one takes through knowing you should leave someone, but at the same time drawn to the emotional pull of not being able to live without them. The artist describes her music as pop, with a fusion of blues and soul; highlighting that her music stands out due to her voice being a little bit different, offering something truly unique.

Finding her Artistic Rhythm

Nathalie has always loved music and singing. She points to a time where she was writing lyrics as a child, making up melodies in her room but never really knowing what to do with them. Taking inspiration from her grandfather (professional musician); she found the strength to pursue her dream of being a singer. Openly admitting to having no industry contacts or other musicians! Nathalie persevered through creating her own demos, meeting musicians in studios, and undertaking countless hours of session work.

The artist notes Catch-22 as her favourite creation to date.  “I feel it’s closest to the kind of sound I’d like to make going forward. I really enjoyed the process of writing, recording, and producing the track. It’s really quite a simple track but it packs a punch!” Nathalie highlights how she is keen for her listeners to feel what she feels through her songs. Pointing to her parents as having always been extremely supportive of her dream to pursue singing. With special reference to her husband and co-writer, whom has pushed her to be the best singer that she can be.

Dealing with Trolls

Having experienced and been the  victim of trolling only a few months prior, Nathalie explains how it left her confidence knocked. Convincing herself that she was a terrible singer, bad songwriter, and that she didn’t deserve any success in the [music] industry. True to form, her loyal fans stepped in to rebuff those that would seek to strike her down, and through this overwhelming support, enabled the artist to learn to ignore comments coming through from the naysayers. Take a breath and move on. She highlights how not everyone is going to like you as an artist; so concerntrate on those that do believe in you.
Opening up about anxiety, Nathalie explains how it is something she suffers from on occassions. Pointing to her being hard on herself too often. “I feel very strongly about  mental health and I think it’s still very overlooked”.

Looking Forward

The artist believes it is really important to work with people that understand your vision musically. Highlighting how lucky she has been to have worked with the same team for all of her releases. She notes the importance of believing in yourself an creating music that you want to create. To no let anyone turn you into something you are not. That it’s ok to be different. To concentrate on writing as much as you can with different people until you find those networks you want ot work with. But above all, to never give up.

She highlights her biggest challenge to date as being trying to get people to see past the fact that she has a different kind of voice. “I’m strong enough now to say that I won’t change for anyone. And that’s why I’m so grateful to the people that do follow me and buy my music. Truly”.

As well as promoting her new single, Nathalie is engrossed with a great deal of session work and writing for House music. In addition to new material she is creating with plans for more releases in 2021. #watchthispace

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