Los Angeles Indie Pop Artist Buel on her latest release “Lemon Smile”


We caught up with Los Angeles Indie Pop artist Buel following the release of her latest single “Lemon Smile”.  The artist explains how she found her way into the music industry by being spotted at singing contests and listening to her original songs on social media. Openly admitting that she was not very confident within herself to take the leap, and is extremely grateful to being scouted as it set her on a path which allowed her to discover the music she wanted to produce. Referencing Harry Potter the artist believes music is magic and was keen on living the life of a magician, so naturally a muggle life was not on the cards.

Lemon Smile

Producing her latest vision gave the artist a boost in confidence she confesses.  “This gave me some level of confidence. Whether people like it or not, I can say that I’m able to reflect and produce what’s in my brain, and I think this is important. My inspiration was an attitude towards the straight mouthed people. Which often times would be me”. Buel observed how people would belittle those that were not in the best state of mind, and was keen to provide a perception for more sympathy towards “moodiness” and contrast it with the people who are being fake; to not to look moody or negative which she called Lemon Smiled people in her latest release. For Buel understanding the reasons why someone is moody often creates strong bonds and the artist felt it suited the opening line of her latest release perfectly.

Describing her music as individualistic and alternative; Buel likes to write about her ideas. She points to her releases “Advice” and “Lemon Smile” as being her favourite creations to date, with a passion to invoke a bit of confusion through her music, allowing her fans to take from her lyrics that that will support them the most. The artist highlights how when she was younger she was introduced to a lot of older people who complained about their lives. “They would talk about their wasted years and how they didn’t self actualize or how they had dreams they were scared to pursue. Having come from a pretty strict family, I never had a comfort zone. So when these added up together, my character simply became a kind that doesn’t need a comfort zone and just wants to chase whatever I think is ideal in my head”.

Buel opens up about having suffered from reccurring depressions from a very young age. The artist believes we are all the same people with different DNA and events happening to us. Refering to when she feels stuck around people who are very strong about set agendas, she finds herself getting depressed. To combat this, the artist fills this space with memories that project a sense of magic.

Working through Challenges

For the artist, harnessing social media as a communication tool allows her to reach out  and share her music on her terms. Explaining that for her, the most important element is sharing a moment and a little conversation with people with the aim of re-directing her day.  “I think the best part about it is that you don’t need to physically exist in the moment and be exposed to the staring from others and therefore have to care about what they think about your existence in the moment. It’s simply your brain and your fingers that do the social media work and you can change the screen anytime if you don’t like it. So it feels more comfortable to share.” For the artist, what is vitally important is finding someone who speaks your language to allow you the freedom to find your creative zone. In addition, teaching yourself as early as you can that there are no boundaries to your imagination and what you can create.

Buel is currently getting ready for a live performance video. A performance the artist is very much looking forward to putting out!#watchthisspace

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