Nashville based Artist Devon Beck on her new single Mirrors; and Maintaining Your A Game!


We caught up with US artist Devon Beck, off the back of her latest release “Mirrors”. The artist explains how her humble journey into the music industry started as the age of 16. Referencing her first open mic session, which has catapulted Beck into the music world. Highlighting that through the support and guidance from her fellow musicians, she was able to find the best direction, make the move to Nashville, and chase her dream!


Beck explains that the story of her latest release begins with a session in early 2021, when she sat down with the co-writer of this song [Mirrors], Sam Grow, and he helped her to express how she was feeling through her music. A song, the artist admits has helped her find her new direction, whilst at the same time being thrilled people will be able to hear her story. 
The Nashville artist describes her music as a mixture of soulful and emotionally based songs. “Each song has a completely different story. Each song also shows a little glimpse into my life on how I was feeling at that point in my life. Writing songs is the only emotional outlet I have”. Going onto point out that when people listen to her music, her main goal is that at least one person in the room will connect with the lyrics. Highlighting that with her songs based on her emotions; for the artist there is no better feeling when someone connects with her song on a personal level.

Beck believes that she is where she is today due to the people she has surrounded herself with. Noting that she benefited immensely from musicians from Pennsylvania through to Nashville believing in her from the start. “I try to take 1 piece of advice from each person I meet to try and better myself. I hope to pay it forward one day”. When it comes to her fans on social media, Beck tries to connect with each person individually, comment back and in doing so maintain a connection with her fans. The artist believes it is extremely important to make a personal connection with people online, as it makes them feel like they know you and you get to know your fans as well! Additionally noting that when it comes to building a team around you, it’s equally important to find people that back both you and your music. Highlighting that if your team believes in your vision, the outcome will have far more impact.

Maintaining Your A Game

The advice the artist gives to those wishing to go into the music industry, is to make sure you are always on your A-Game. As you never know who might be in the room. She points to her biggest challenge working with people who sadly did not have her best interest at heart. Referencing her song as the story behind that part of her career…“finding that new, better direction.” Looking forward, Beck is currently recording a single she hopes to release this summer!!#watchthisspace