New Breakthrough Artist Jermaine Peterson on “Missing You” & Finding his Rhythm


 “Really working with the music industry in a release sense only begun this year with my first track ‘Courage’. Its been pretty crazy since then, getting a record deal and seeing the ins and outs of releasing music. “

We caught up with newcomer Jermaine Peterson following the release of his highly anticipated single  “Missing You”. Having studied music college in Leeds, the British Artist, started playing at gigs across the North West, with a constant creative thirst for writing music. The inspiration behind Jermaine’s music is one of a journey of personal exploration. The artist highlighting how the track itself is a story about the emotional baggage we carry, through past experiences and relationships, and how that can hurt us, but also how that hurt can help us learn about ourselves and others. His music is an embodiment of spirit and human emotion.

For Jermaine, given his early entry into the music industry, there is a real sense of humility and acknowledgement that there is still much to refine in pointing out what exactly makes his music stand out at this juncture…”its just what I make, hard to say exactly why I think it stands out, I guess we are all unique and what makes it stand out is just being a human who is unique like anybody else”.  Keen to invoke a sense of trust, hope and exploration from his listeners,  Jermaine is straight to the point when it comes to those that influenced his career to date. His mother and grandmother being central to his journey to date. Jermaine highlights their strength and positivity, wise and caring influence, which has been instrumental in allowing the breakthrough artist to persevere through the challenges he has faced to date. A journey defined by self expression and experimentation.

The artist opens up about the need to surround yourself with people that are akin to the music you wish to create, highlighting how these people ultimately shape the type of artist and person you will be. Whilst not an avid fan of social media, Jermaine achnowlegdes its importance in releasing music, with a preference to try and connect with people on a human level as much as possible.

With any career choice, Jermaine highlights the need to learn the business side of the music industry to attain success. Referencing a range of avenues for making a career within the industry. The key point being to try and meet as many people as possible, but most importantly don’t ever ask for anything, always offer something. Pointing out that if you develop something that adds value to others you will have a chance.

With a focus on retaining a clear vision of staying true to himself, the artist references exciting collaborations in the works with a host of new material being released.

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