Puerto Rico & US Actress Alondra Delgado on being Vanessa Montes in All American!!


Alondra Delgado has loved acting and dancing ever since she can remember, and started her acting career at the age of four when she immersed herself in theatre in Puerto Rico. An actress, whose first lead role presented itself at only 7 years of age, Delgado threw herself into the film industry, auditioning for film roles, commercials and talent shows at every opportunity. We caught up with the actress following her involvement in her latest project as Vanessa Montes on the US show All American, which is based on real life following the story of a former football player named Spencer James.

From Puerto Rico to California

Delgado explains how on moving to California, she worked on getting her Bachelors in Acting for Film. This enabled her to learn all the different techniques and methods, in addition to improving her ability to scene study. Opening up, Alondra highlights how she is not immune from the nerves of auditions. “I think you get to a point where you enjoy being nervous and the adrenaline it gives you. I always breathe before going in, talk to myself, and pray”. 

In order to prepare herself for each audition Alondra makes it a routine to read the script multiple times and memorize it. “I read the backstory if there is any. I try to find similarities between the character, and me, then I put myself in her shoes and relate the situations with my own experiences”. She points out that there is always a bit of Alondra in every character she plays. Admittedly, the greatest challenge she points to coming across is facing rejection and feeling like you have to live up to a certain standard or be who people want you to be. In addition to the sacrifices being made which leads to not having enough time with your loved ones and losing your privacy. However, being able to tell stories, changing people’s lives by making them identify with every single character is what Alondra loves about being an actress. 

The actress points to the vulnerability actors face when dealing with the effects of depression and anxiety. “We have to face a lot of rejection every time we are not called after an audition and even now with social media it’s crazy how people can be very mean sometimes and say personal things about you”. She goes onto explain how it is a mix of emotions and sometimes you feel you are like “Hannah Montana” living two lives. She mentioned that she take days off where she can to have space to breathe it out, watch movies, and take hot baths. She also makes use of a journal and places focus on the positive things and all the blessings she has in her life!

All American

All American focuses around his [Spencer James] experience in high school; going deep into many hard pressing topics that are very much in the spot light in the US. Delgado’s character [Vanessa Montes] comes in as the new football coach’s daughter. The actress feels she relates to Vanessa as she herself has been in the same situation. Being the new girl at school, trying to make some friends, whilst at the same time trying to be real. In addition to this, Delgado points to her character’s confidence, and the fact she is not afraid to speak her mind, which she is very drawn to. She goes onto highlight how her character inevitably creates a lot of drama without wanting it. With her very presence she creates a love triangle she did not initially foresee or ask for.

Pursuance of a dream!

The actress opens up about how ever since she was very young, people at school would treat her differently and made her feel left out because she was on TV and they assumed she thought she was too cool. She explains how for her, acting and being on TV was

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normal due to the nature of starting very young. “You just have to be true to yourself and appreciate those who do love and care for you”. The actress admits to going through days where everything hits her and she just needs to take a day off for herself. Her dream role is to play a strong female character that is real, raw and faces obstacles in life. Someone who embodies the real essence of being a woman and breaks away from the stereotypes of being a “cute, sexy” Latina. 

For the actress her role as Vanessa Montes on All American is her proudest achievement to date as it is a show that she has loved since it started. “Being able to represent my Hispanic culture and achieve something so big moving after moving from Puerto Rico only five years ago has been amazing!” For those wishing to follow in her footsteps, Alondra says “Go for it”! Highlighting that whilst it is by no means easy, nothing is impossible. Believe in yourself and in your talent, work hard because if you do you are not only making a step towards making your dreams a reality, you are achieving the goals that with belief and perseverance will get you there! #watchthisspace