The Reigate firm bringing high voltage power to the energy poor in Africa


A pioneering new energy firm created by two local  entrepreneurs, who grew up next door to one another in Surrey, is looking to raise 250,000 pounds in investment via crowdfunding to kick start a seminal, clean energy revolution in Rwanda.

ECOPOW3R, will provide off-grid solar power to rural communities in Africa, starting in Rwanda.

Karl Boyce and Carl Hassan, have joined forces with the Rwandan government and local people in the country to come up with the initiative.

The two businessmen’s ambition on this first phase is to install more than 500 new mini-grids that will improve the lives of approximately 450,000 people. They hope this will mean that, for the first time children can do their homework in the evening, doctors can treat patients round the clock, and small enterprises, previously hindered by lack of power, can be created.

ECOPOW3R is the only supplier taking the fight directly to inequality by supplying  all houses in a village, regardless of their financial situation. This is unlike the other suppliers who tend to pick and choose customers based on their financial status, ECOPOW3R will supply every house.

Via CrowdCube, the online crowdfunding platform, ECOPOW3R are looking to raise 250,000 pounds in investment to kick off this clean energy revolution that is forecast to exceed 2.5 billion pounds of revenue per year by 2020.

ECOPOW3R believe that a cash investment of as little as £60 will connect another person in the community to electricity, providing both light and power for homes and small enterprises.

Founder of  ECOPOW3R,  Karl Boyce, : “As I learnt more about climate change and the first-hand experiences about the impact that lack of power is having on developing countries, I felt I had to get involved. For me it’s a dream come true to combine a personal interest with my business.

He  added:  “After spending so long getting to know Rwanda, it’s the personal stories that have a profound  impact on you. We hope this technology will mean that for the first time teachers will be able to operate in fully powered schools, and doctors will be able treat their patients all through the night. As well as the sustainable footprint we can leave behind, the adaptability and proficiency of our clean energy technology make this a truly exciting investment opportunity”.

ECOPOW3R’s Carl Hassan, CTO, said: “Being part of a project like this alongside a childhood friend is one thing, but knowing the changes we can make together hopefully with the involvement and support of the public, doesn’t get much more exciting. Rwanda is a country with endless potential and we believe we can make a difference there before rolling out across the region.’

Phillip Stovold  Greenpeace International’s global renewable energy expert advisor, added:

“The work carried out by Ecopow3r has the ability to transform over 450,000 lives. With over 20 years of combined experience in Rwanda, Karl and his team have a real understanding of the nation and its people.  Rwanda is a flourishing, peaceful and dynamic country but also, a country where there is a real problem with a lack of electricity. Quite simply, Ecopow3r are the solution to this problem, and with their plans to install 540 mini grids, a sustainable solution that for us is so very exciting to see. “

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