Sam Bird on “Run to You”, and making his Island a Reality!


“I’m always learning and met some amazing producers along the way that lead me to releasing the idea for my latest track run to you”. – Sam Bird
Sam Bird has always loved music, he explains. Having learnt the guitar and piano whilst still in his youth. Fast forward a few years, and the love island star now turned DJ, found himself based in his hometown of Norwich, taking over the decks at his local night club. Highlighting how he loved mixing tracks and watching the crowd react to them. Sam decided to change his hobby into a career following his stint on Love Island, following a surge in social media following.  We caught up with the Love Island star, now turned Music Artist to find out about his move into the music industry, and his latest release.

Discovering “Run to You”
Having worked in the fitness industry for a majority of his career, Sam opens up about always having dreamed of making a hit tune that would also fit into a high energy workout track. On listening to a fitness playlist, Sam came across “Run To You” by Bryan Adams. He instantly got in touch with friend and producer papa Zeus to discuss the idea of reproducing the track into a dance anthem.
For the DJ, his music is best described as feel good summer house. What is important is that people can learn the lyrics to his songs easily, which Bird believes is key to making him stand out. Keen on producing music that doesn’t require much thought, and simply makes you want to put your hands in the air.
With special mention to his manager Rian and rapper Sami Switch, who believed in his vision from the get go.
Time on Love Island
Sam opens up about his time on Love Island. His reality that he found there were a lot of individuals that did not want to see him succeed following the show. For the DJ, what you don’t see is the work you put in behind the scenes.
“I’ve always been very good at using that negative energy as fuel to prove people wrong”  
 Bird highlights how there was a stage after doing TV where he felt completely lost as to where his career was going. Admitting he suffered from bad anxiety everyday during this period. What changed Sam’s perspective, was taking time to sit and write out 5 big goals he wanted to achieve. From this point forward he went forward with a purpose to doing something each day to help achieve them.
For the DJ, social media is extremely influential with the way people listen to music. It’s all streaming, he explains. Highlighting how for the first time anyone in the world can easily stumble across your track. Where it really makes it value worthwhile is irrespective of your following, you have the tools to reach people around the world. Bird goes onto explain how it allows you to find your personality, brand and style and run with it. To be consistent and keep the content growing, and the rest will follow.
Finding the Right Network
Sam believes in being nice to everyone and always asking for help. To not be afraid to ask for help, as you will find people like being asked.
“It doesn’t mean you’re less of an artist if you need advice or help on something you’re creating. I have no worries in emailing a producer or artist for some feedback, which grew my contact list very fast.” 
For those interested in getting involved in the music industry, Bird recommends finding your style and branding first. To then use social media consistently and keep putting out free tracks on sound cloud, and slowly but sure start to grow your fan base.
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