Scholarship Competition by Babbel: Prize of £2,000 to Promote Diversity and Languages in the UK


The gift of languages widens one’s understanding of the world and cultures, which is something to hold and cherish forever. Babbel, the world’s leading online language learning application, wants to increase students – awareness on this topic, and is doing so with its 2020 scholarship competition. Launching October 7th, Babbel will award one deserving university student a £2,000 scholarship prize, along with a 12-month subscription to learn any of the 14 languages offered by the app.

It is true that English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, but any new language opens up a new door to the world.

It is also true that in the professional world: when entering the working environment, an applicant who speaks a second or third language has an enormous advantage over the others, along with a potential to earn 5-20% more money in their lifetime. Babbel wants students to recognize the importance of language learning and provide them with the best learning tools.

To encourage university students to expand their knowledge of foreign languages and cultures, Babbel has created a scholarship competition, worth £2,000 + a one year subscription. The competition is open to university students of any faculty, of any university in the UK and Northern Ireland. All participants who will correctly enrol in the competition will also receive a complimentary access to discover the Babbel app.

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