US Artist Kendal Monroe on her debut single “Over You”


Kendal Monroe does not recall a specific moment in time that she realized she had a passion for singing. Recalling how she has always loved singing as long as she can remember. We caught up with the artist following the release of her debut single “Over You”. A song written to offer inspiration to her listeners with lyrics that empower them to move past failed relationships by believing in the themselves and pulling strength from within. “I picked music that was more upbeat than a classic breakup song because even though it is a breakup song it’s one that sends the message that you can be better after a failed relationship and happier”. The artist going onto reference how she wanted a unique sound so developed an indie pop.fusion with a catchy beat and lyrics!

Monroe believes what makes her music stand out is that both her lyrics and music are incredibly catchy. Highlighted how she was keen to create a song that people would spontaneously start singing at any time of the day. She explains that through her music she is keen to offer her listeners a feeling of empowerment, and that they are not alone! “When you are trying to get somewhere, you are always going to have haters and i have had my share of bullies who have tried to bully the dream out of me with no success”. The artist opens up about suffering from anxiety. Having learnt to show herself grace and acceptance during the times the artist feels anxious. Going on to adopt techniques that help her navigate through those times. 

When it comes to working through the challenges of social media; she embraces the tools as much as possible as it allows her the ability to share the things she is creating with a wider audience. Openly admitting to know having a lot of free time, but when she does, she loves to curl up on her bed for a sleep with her cats! #watchthisspace