US Entrepreneur Isabella Barrett on cementing her brands; and living & breathing her dream!


We caught up with Isabella Barrett. Having launched to fame after appearing on TLC’s “Toddlers & Tiaras” which will air again on the new show “Toddlers & Tiaras Where Are They Now”. A successful business owner and Entrepreneur. She begins by explaining that she owe’s her start through her involvement on reality TV at the young age of 5. “I am best known for becoming one of the youngest entrepreneurs to watch in the USA”, she is proud to point out. She goes onto to explain how at the time; she was making custom charms through her families factory, and whilst business was not at the forefront of her mind at the time, she knew deep down she loved the feeling of creating something people loved to wear!

No Magic Book

Isabella explains how there is no magic book. Being an entrepreneur is all about living and breathing your dream. Highlighting how whilst passion, hard work, and dedication sounds cliche, it’s none the less the founding principles surrounding building your vision! Pointing out how when you build a brand and you want to expand, do not automatically assume clients from your initial projects will be your clients for your second brand. “You must think of each business as starting from scratch”, she makes a key point of noting!

For Barrett, being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle not a job. Highlighting how you dont have a clock in clock out world when you own a brand , you are always working. She explains that she love’s the feeling of making her own way and while it can be a struggle!!!  The pay off to say she owns her company really tells people what type of person you are! This being said, the young entrepreneur still has her sights on pursing a career in acting and modelling in some form, with a particular interest in the medical field!

Managing Expectations

Isabella humbly points out that when she started she had absolutely no expectations! Her goal was to make products people would buy and love. The idea of making money was never her first thought. She goes onto highlight how she has learned alot about supply and demand and how building a brand is only a small part of selling it. For the young entrepreneur, it’s all about having a solid plan in place!

Her advice is to simply “DO it!”… “Now is the time to try out your ideas and dreams. Always be smart and have a clear business plan that lays out exactly what the first year of business will look like but I say take the risk we are young and now is the time”. She finisheds by explaining that being a business owner is all about leadership. You are the one who will make or break the company . You also need to surround yourself with like minded people . People who think out of the box , people who when you talk to you feel “get it” and are not just there for the paycheck but also believe in the brand.#watchthispace