Win a Trip-of-a-Lifetime through CONTIKI!!


My name’s Laura and like you I’m currently staying home, wondering how to stay positive and looking for things to keep me productive. While the news of the pandemic is changing every day and forcing us to self-isolate across the globe, I just might have the solution to your boredom while staying home. Sit up and take note!

I wrote a travel article for Contiki’s online magazine six-two and WON. YES, would you believe it! The chance to travel to Thailand to realize my dream as a travel writer for Contiki’s Creator & Writer Community. Check out my adventures below!

Contiki are the leading 18-35 travel company, on the hunt for people to submit features for their fast-growing lifestyle platform Six-Two. Through the Community Writer’s Programme, Contiki offers aspiring writers the opportunity to submit content and have the chance to win an incredible tripto take later on in the year with fellow creatives.

Topics could be anything from an inspiring personal story to a memorable travel experience write-up, or tips guide. So channel your creative writing juices and enter, as there are truly amazing opportunities out there to support you!! You won’t regret it!

How the programme works:

  1. Sign up to be a community writer

    2. Submit content (articles or videos) via the six-two CMS

    3. Have your article approved by the six-two editor (using the writing guidelines for help) and get personal, editorial guidance if necessary

    4. The article goes live and you can share within your social community

    5. If your article is the most popular that month you have the opportunity to win a free Contiki trip with other winning writers

So whether you’ve travelled on a Contiki before, or think you have an authentic story to tell join the network of 500+ community writers and get typing!