YouTube and Social Media sensation Sicily Rose & The SiS Show!!


Sicily Rose has aspired to be involved in the entertainment industry as long as she can remember. Growing up in the US, the Youtube & Social Media sensation points to the incredible opportunities she has been afforded growing up. With reference to having grown up in a small town in Nevada. In addition to releasing her own music, Sicily Rose humble beginnings started at the age of 11, when she began modelling, acting and taking voice lessons. In addition to immersing herself in numerous social media and influencer workshops, she points to the importance of being able to be knowledgeable around the topic you are trying to create. Highlighting that without that education, she would not be where she is today!

The SiS Show

Most well known for her Youtube channel, The SiS Show. Rose explains how her passion has led to

Credit: Ashley Roberts

creating a channel which involves anything from challenges through to pranks. Highlighting that one of her biggest challenges is trying to stay on top of everything and make sure she puts out as much great content as she can for all of her fans. For the host, structure is key! In addition to this, a special reference is made to her mom, who Rose explains has been instrumental in helping create story lines, and scheduling for those involved with the show.

Not immune from the effects of cyberbullying, Rose takes the view that if she can use her platform to help be an advocate for love that is what she will always plan to do. “I created a #Justlove to remind people to always choose love first in every situation. It has for sure helped me to stay positive through all situations”.

The YouTube star openly admits that watching analytics can be difficult, as some videos don’t always perform as expected, so learning the best ways to post can be a challenge, in addition to the technical difficulties that come with running a successful Youtube channel. Ultimately, Rose points to the reality that she loves being able to be herself, and make people laugh at the same time. 

Going; Going & Going

Rose explains that she is very fortunate to not lose drive when challenges come her way. Admittingly, she points to times where she can find herself exhausted due to the constant need to get new content up. To combat this, she tries to put at least one day off in a week to refocus, meditate and remember why this dream is so important to her.

In addition to her successful YouTube show, her acting dream is to be in a movie and go through the whole production or be cast as a series regular. She explains that her proudest achievement to date has been putting out her own music. “It is an indescribable feeling to watch a song come to life and witness how it touches someone”. Going onto highlight that is important to always be the hardest working person in the room. Know what you want, find a balance and never lose faith. It takes 100 no’s for the perfect Yes. NEVER GIVE UP! #watchthisspace