Electrochemical and Turbo Machinery Hybrid System Designer – Innovation Center

    EVP Global Functions

    A Snapshot of Your Day

    Collaboratively executing Fields of Action (FoA) projects to develop a competitive portfolio and lead the energy

    How You’ll Make An Impact

    • Design, development, production, testing, and implementation
      of hybrid electrochemical and turbomachinery systems.
    • Manage fuel cell system architecture
    • Simulate or model fuel cell or other system
      information, using simulation software programs.
    • Plan or conduct experiments to validate new materials,
      optimize startup protocols, reduce conditioning time, or examine
      contaminant tolerance.
    • Calculate the efficiency or power output of a
      fuel cell system or process.
    • Support the design of fuel cell systems,
      subsystems, stacks, assemblies, or components.
    • Evaluate the power output, system cost, and/or
      environmental impact of new hydrogen or non-hydrogen fuel cell system

    ·       happy to consider applications from
    individuals with disabilities.

    What You Bring

    • Solid knowledge of engineering fundamentals:
      electrochemistry, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and heat & mass
    • Ideally 10+ years of experience including in
      particular Balance of Plant (BoP).
    • Proven track record of experience connected to
      design and prototype build of electrochemical and turbo machinery hybrid
    • Knowledge of fuel cell system at component
      level (stack, reactor, heat exchanger, membrane purifier, and other)
      including design, sub-system, and system level integration.
    • Strong interest in working with fuel cell
      system test equipment.
    • Strong problem solving and troubleshooting
    • Experience of co-creation with customers or
    • Very good English language skills

    About The Team

    The Siemens
    Energy Innovation Center Abu Dhabi is researching and developing new
    technologies to help us build a competitive portfolio and the right technology.
    We focus on innovating through co-creation with partners, customers, start-ups,
    and academia in all five Fields of Action with a main focus on Power-to-X and
    Decarbonized Heat and Industrial Processes.

    Heat & Industrial Processes

    specifically focuses on both Heat
    and Industrial Emissions. We aim to help our industrial customers produce heat
    as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible, reducing their
    emissions at the same time. Industrial heat pumps and smart, integrated digital
    tools are examples of the products we develop.

    is a vital lever to decarbonize all sectors through bringing
    renewable energy from the power sector to other sectors and by this decarbonize
    mobility, heat, industry, and power generation. Power-to-X is building on our
    strengths in the power business and explores new fields in the chemical and
    gases business, where building an eco-system of partners is key.

    The Innovation
    Center Abu Dhabi is a new department embedded in the Global Function Innovation.
    We aim to develop new technologies together with our partners to successfully
    shape the energy transition. If you find this interesting and are passionate
    about this subject too, then join us and help make the difference.

    Who is Siemens Energy?

    At Siemens Energy, we
    are more than just an energy technology company. We meet the growing energy
    demand across 90+countries while ensuring our climate is protected. With more
    than 92,000dedicated employees, we not only generate electricity for over 16% of
    the global community, but we’re also using our technology to help protect
    people and the environment.

    Our global team is committed to making
    sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy a reality by pushing the
    boundaries of what is possible. We uphold a 150-year legacy of innovation that
    encourages our search for people who will support our focus on decarbonization,
    new technologies, and energy transformation.

    Our Commitment to Diversity

    Lucky for us, we are not
    all the same. Through diversity we generate power. We run on inclusion and our
    combined creative energy is fueled by over 130 nationalities. Siemens Energy
    celebrates character– no matter what ethnic background, gender, age, religion,
    identity, or disability. We energize society, all of society, and we do not
    discriminate based on our differences.