Ledfoot ‘Gothic Blues’ Review


Written by Emma Judge – Student Pages Entertainment Journalist

Tim Scott McConnell, also known as Ledfoot proved exactly why he has become so accomplished. His latest album “Damned” having just being released around Europe brings both an acoustic version on 12 string and a band version from the accomplished artist.

Setting the stage for Ledfoot was UK’s own Rob Lowden (Aka Cold Poison) a perfect acoustic manner. His chatty and charismatic persona laughing off early technical faults. Smooth guitar playing and rich vocals, Lowden provided an enticing performance, and the audience loved every moment of it.

The trademark of a good show is that it finishes before you expect it and this was a prime example. Ledfoot owned charisma like a spotlight. Mesmerizing in his performance, audience members demanded an encore, in which he replied with acapella in response.

The heavy rock-and-roll drawl of twelve string guitar set up familiar sounds of Jimi Hendrix. Ledfoot played the guitar with magic, his fingers dancing on strings. Beats got everyone clapping along, his cool attitude and tone of voice telling each song like a story. Naturally, the crowd went crazy for it.

Welcome to the UK, Ledfoot.