Optima Consultancy Services Ltd

    Chaos probably isn’t a word most Quality Engineers would want to read in a job advert.

    But you’re not “most” Quality Engineers, are you?

    If you were you’d probably want a small and clearly defined remit. A batch of old complaints to work through, perhaps, or a few things you can shift around a little but to make it look like you’ve had a massive impact on the business.

    Here you’ll be juggling your time between making improvements to existing systems (they currently find out about 99% of non-conformances when a customer complains), working on 5 or 6 New Product Introduction processes at once and aiming to gain approval to new quality standards to give the company a platform to enter into some pretty innovative areas.

    You can probably tell this anyway but I’d imagine there’s gonna be plenty of other things that pop up along the way that could throw you off track and send you down different rabbit holes over the course of time.

    Salary wise, I see it falling in the region of 40k as a starting point, though I’d see that growing as your time and influence over the business does.

    Oh yeah, that’s based on a rigid 40-hour week. Despite what you might have guessed above, it’s the kind of place that’s going to push you out of the door at the end of the working day. If you work more hours than you should one day, you’ll be asked to dart early the day after to spend time with the people who matter most to you.

    If that scares you stiff, fair enough. That’s kinda the point. If it makes you want to know more, we should probably speak.