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  • Alex Hicks

    Alex Hicks

    Hello, I am Alex Hicks. I am recent BA & MA Film and Media graduate from the University of Sunderland. I love all things Film, Video games and tech related and love to keep up with the industry and its news.
  • Amy Aed

    Amy Aed

    My name’s Amy and I’m an aspiring travel writer from Swansea, Wales. Whilst half my time is spent writing at Wandering Everywhere , the other half is either spent watching Stranger Things in bed, dragging people around cafes trying to find the best hot coco, or impulse booking flights away to the Netherlands or Paris.
  • Ashley McGreary

    Ashley McGreary

    I'm an English and Creative Writing graduate from the University of Chester, currently studying for an MA in English Literature at the University of Liverpool, and writing a dissertation on the concept of Villainy in Paradise Lost, Frankenstein, and Jekyll and Hyde. I am also a Creative Writer in my own right, focusing currently on shorter forms (short stories, poetry, flash fiction etc.) but also with intentions to write much longer novels (still in the planning stage).
  • Ben Munster

    Ben Munster

    I'm a UCL graduate and have recently returned from teaching in Italy. I love to write in all its forms, and have written musicals, comedy sketches, news reports, investigative pieces, short stories and TV pilots.
  • Billie Ramsey

    Billie Ramsey

    My name's Billie, I'm 21 and am based near Bath. Having recently graduated from studying Fashion Journalism near London, I have made the move back home and am currently pursuing a career in freelance journalism and digital marketing. I enjoy writing about a wide range of subjects linked to my personal interests, including fashion, travel, politics, film, music and food - I'll try to write about anything once!
  • Cassie Walker

    Cassie Walker

    I’m currently studying towards a Masters in Digital Marketing in Liverpool. Food lover and have a great passion for writing, particularly blogs and articles, anything Disney and pugs!
  • Edward Little

    Edward Little

    Edward Little is a writer and English teacher in Merseyside. He has an MA in Creative Writing and Publication, spends whatever time he can at open-mic events, and he has no clear plan for this future, except maybe writing the odd article.
  • Edward Jones

    Edward Jones

    Edward is the sub-editor for Student Pages. When he’s not writing professionally, he works on his novels and enjoys Music, Film, and Literature.
  • Elaine Zheng

    Elaine Zheng

    Philosophy student at ucl who owns too many notebooks with aspirations of honoring aesthetics to the grave. Wanders an unnatural amount for someone who can never find her way. Dislikes decisions and building an accessible personality within three lines.
  • Emma Rosen

    Emma Rosen

    Emma Rosen spent a year working in 25 different jobs before her 25th birthday. The project aims to promote portfolio careers, highlight the importance of work experience for all ages and advocate for more diverse careers education for young people. Emma's book, The Radical Sabbatical, about her experiences is coming out in October 2018. Since completing 25before25 in August 2017, Emma now has five jobs, one of which is as the Careers Section Edition if Student Pages - get in touch for any and all career advice questions!
  • Gabriella Wieland

    Gabriella Wieland

    Gabriella Wieland is a writer and English Literature graduate. She spends most of her time trying to keep her mini-poppadom obsession at bay and finding adventures of the ‘free’ variety. Residing in Manchester, she also spends much of her time liaising with scientists to find a geographical cure for eternally-grey skies and Vitamin D deficiency.
  • Gareth Rifkin

    Gareth Rifkin

    Hi, my name is Gareth, Editor-in-Chief and founder at Student Pages Magazine. A little bit about myself. I really enjoy taking ideas and making them a reality. This is how Student Pages was born, however underneath my spontaneous exterior, the underlying core principle of Student Pages is to provide inspirational and educational stories by being authentic and relevant to our audience, whilst offering students the opportunity to utilize the print and digital side of the magazine as a launchpad for their future careers. Be audacious and fearless; and aspire to reach your dreams, no matter what those may be.
  • Hannah Hodgson

    Hannah Hodgson

    Hi, I'm Hannah. I'm a poet, writer and blogger living with a life-limiting illness. I write and blog for organisations and festivals. My first Poetry Pamphlet 'Dear Body' was published in 2018 by Wayleave Press. I have won a number of awards for my writing, including poems featured by the Poetry Society and in an essay which came 2nd place in the Wicked Young Writers awards 2019.
  • Jenny Brooks

    Jenny Brooks

    Creative Writing student, who hates coriander and loves obscure poetry volumes. Travels on public transport just to listen to music. Passionate about Quorn chicken sandwiches and the cinema.
  • Joshua Kennedy

    Joshua Kennedy

    Former Media Student and Current Business Management student studying in my final year at Dundee. Big fan of all Sports but a self proclaimed expert in Football and Boxing!
  • Karel Aubun

    Karel Aubun

    Student Writer with a talent for getting the word out, studying Digital Advertising and Design at Ravensbourne University
  • Katie Gaster

    Katie Gaster

    I'm Katie, a London based film student and freelance production designer. You will find me either at the cinema, running around the shops or in the library drinking way too much coffee with my head in my laptop. I also adore writing about my interests, with the hope that someone will learn at least a little from my ramblings!
  • Kerry Reid

    Kerry Reid

    Oxford Brookes uni student whose favourite thing in the world is watching tv and films.
  • Lara Davidson

    Lara Davidson

    Lara Davidson was born in London but raised in bonny Scotland and has spent the majority of her youth in Glasgow and Edinburgh. After graduating with an MA Hons Psychology degree in her home country at The University of Edinburgh, she decided to flee the nest and pursue a life South of the Border. Lara moved to London in 2017 and is currently enrolled in the Advertising & Public Relations Master’s degree at Richmond, The American International University. Having experienced university and working life in both nations, Lara decided to embark on a professional research journey in order to determine what it is like being a “Scottish Londoner”.
  • Leah Jade Wimpenny

    Leah Jade Wimpenny

    A recent graduate of English Literature and Film Studies, I can always be found with a cup of tea in hand. (Not to play to the Yorkshire stereotype too much.) Forever searching for new philosophies to learn and things to see, my interests stem far and wide, from a love of animals to love of adventure.
  • Liam Jackson

    Liam Jackson

    My name is Liam Jackson, and I'm a budding screenwriter passionate about film, music and travelling. Currently studying in Glasgow, I'm keen to get a foothold (or even a toehold) in the television and film industry. When I'm not writing or watching films I enjoy going abroad and doing travel writing. You can take a look at a recent blog I made in India at liamjacksontravel.wordpress.com.
  • Lizzie Benton

    Lizzie Benton

    As well as being a wellbeing and lifestyle blogger, Lizzie dedicates her time to improving workplace wellbeing and mentoring people to help them find their work-life balance.
  • Margherita Turrin

    Margherita Turrin

    I’m an Edinburgh based Digital Media graduate with a passion for everything creative. I started making short movies with friends from a very young age, and with the time I have developed interest in motion graphics and photography, refining my skills at University. I also love traveling, eating and cooking - I’m Italian so this is a very important aspect fo my daily life!
  • Pawel Kuz

    Pawel Kuz

    My name is Paweł Kuziemski. I’m a 21 year old journalism student at Leeds Trinity University. I was born in Poland by I moved to the UK in order to study, learn, speak English, meet new people and watch Monty Python. And play snooker. A lot of snooker. I also play cheese, bridge and poker. But in my free time, I write short stories and poems. My favorite writers are Tennessee Williams and Hunter S. Thompson. Plus, I love traveling so if there is anything interesting in the world, I will be there.
  • Peter Martz

    Peter Martz

    Hi my name is Peter a recent graduate of BA Social Sciences and the media and I work with the social media department of Student Pages Magazine. Progression and opportunities are my mantra and Student Pages Magazine offers both of these in abundance; both to our staff and to our readership. Social media has been a mainstay in my life for over a decade now and the power to reach and engage so many people is a wonderful development in our social lives. When I am not on social media, I am most likely at a gig, writing up a review or interviewing bands for some well established alternative life and music eZines. If I’m not at a gig then I will most likely be with my wonderful wife, walking everywhere and capturing some quality moments for our memories and our Instagram accounts.
  • Rohan Angus

    Rohan Angus

    Aberdeen Student trying to be a part of the film industry.
  • Siobhan Divers

    Siobhan Divers

    I'm Siobhan, a Glasgow-based History and Journalism graduate from the University of Stirling. I enjoy writing about a variety of different things including politics, music and arts and I have a blog called Shiv's Show where I review films and TV shows.
  • Stewart Storrar

    Stewart Storrar

    Stewart Storrar is a filmmaker and writer based in Glasgow Scotland. Currently studying a BA in Media and Communications, he also runs two YouTube channels and his own, online publication. Stewart aims to being people stories that will stay with them for a lifetime.
  • Benedetta Turin

    Benedetta Turin

    Hi, my name is Benedetta, a 25 year old, Italian, currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. I studied Chinese at University, and due to start my career in HR.