EPOS is audio engineered for the ultimate gaming experience and made for the gamer that demands excellence. Feel the game through the Power of Audio.

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Passionate about gaming, EPOS believe that high quality audio completes your gaming experience. Whether it is our Wired or Wireless Headsets, Earbuds, Sound Cards and Amplifiers or Microphones – are all designed with the gamer at heart.

Engineered to provide that ultimate gaming experience! 



EPOS delivers high-end audio solutions designed for enterprise and gaming. Based on pioneering audio technology, we strive to unleash human potential by perfecting audio experiences and delivering innovative design and performance with all of our audio solutions.


Designed for Versatility – GTW 270 HYBRID

The GTW 270 Hybrid wireless earbuds allows you to switch seamlessly between gaming and never missing a call. Also, satisfying your on-the-go needs, using Bluetooth® for streaming, gaming, podcasts, and calls ​to give you that true freedom. The earbuds have unique ergonomic shape that is soft and flexible and naturally adjusts to your ear and creates a comfortable acoustic seal.