5 on Friday: The Dixon Brothers!!


Dixon Brothers back on Student Pages once again – glad to be back! Before we go any further, a massive shout-out to Newcastle University – it was great to meet and inspire the NRA students on Thursday!

BTW if you are a student DJ, make sure to head over to www.kissfmuk.com – there’s an amazing opportunity waiting for you….

Let’s get into the music shall we?

Now we’re massive fans of the Hospital Records and this one is yet, another…smoothed-out roller! Love it!

Techy bounciness alert – Crackazat is an artist doing it major and this little pearler with a sprinkling of violin…yep I said VIOLIN is a two steppy viber that’ll definitely get your neck swaying!

Thanks to Matt Waterhouse for this one – Lia D’sau is a new artist for us and this track Bird is a great way to kick off the fandom!! Love it.

Pusha T has just dropped a new album and this track features haunting production from the UK national treasure Labrinth and also a beautiful return of Pusha T’s brother Malice…love this so much!!!

We started this week’s show on KISS FRESH with this one…it’s a DUTTY one that goes down in the clubs….enjoy!