A fair deal – What Virtual Careers fairs can do for you this Autumn!


After an incredibly tough year for students, the prospect of a slice of normality is on the horizon, in the form of the return to university campuses for most people.

But while being able to appreciate the in-person, social aspects of life as a student is a massive benefit, some of the digital changes brought in over the course of the pandemic will be sticking around. The ability to better work remotely and collaborate at distance, and use technology to access courses in more convenient ways have been positively received. A lot of advances students have been crying out for for years have happened in the past 18 months through necessity.

Virtual careers fairs are another example of digital advances that students won’t be looking to leave behind. While some love the hubbub of attending stands in person and working your way through the crowds, for many students, the whole process can be quite anxiety-inducing. 

Which is why the more organised, manageable virtual careers fairs can be a key part of levelling the playing field. Research from Handshake in the US found that virtual fairs are particularly welcomed by women, people from ethnic minority backgrounds and those who are neurodivergent, because they allow people to meet on their own terms, in a way many feel more comfortable.

The ability to plan ahead can provide a critical boost to confidence, with the feeling that you’re on safe ground better allowing you to put across the best version of yourself. All this means the screening process at virtual fairs can be more equal than the jostling, disruptions, and snap judgments that are part and parcel of fighting for a recruiter’s attention at in-person careers fairs.

On top of that, the flexibility, structure, convenience, and clarity that comes with virtual careers fairs can be an advantage. It means you can schedule time to look into different organisations’ requirements, or look at available roles in time between classes. Not having to travel anywhere means it’s easier to jump on opportunities without needing to spend the time it normally takes to meet with prospective employers.

So whether you’re actively contemplating your career options or just keeping up with opportunities as they arise, the continuation of virtual careers events will be good news – and Handshake is announcing its own fairs coming up in the next couple of months.

The series of Virtual Careers Fairs will kick-off for Ireland and Northern Ireland on Wednesday, September 15, 2021.

This will be followed by a ‘Careers in Tech’ Virtual Fair on Wednesday, September 29 giving students and graduates the chance to connect with fast-growing startups and Fortune 500 Companies in the tech sector. 

Finally, the ‘Careers in Business’ Virtual Fair, held on Wednesday, October 6, will facilitate connections for students across the country who are currently seeking to build their career paths in business related fields.

Renowned employers such as Expedia Group have already signed up to be part of the series, meaning one-to-one opportunities with some of the world’s biggest companies for those attending. Handshake has already hosted more than 4,620+Virtual Careers Fairs on its platform, creating millions of authentic student and employer connections – and you could be next.

All you need to do to get involved is sign up at joinhandshake.co.uk/virtual-careers-fairs – it’s completely free and may just help open the door to some exciting opportunities at the start of autumn term.