Ancient philosophers like Cicero and Laozi talked about the value of confidence. Both men independently believed that having it in your life was a great boon. But little did they know how much the world would change two thousand years after they lived. Now more than ever confidence seems to matter. 

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the value of confidence in the job market. We list the reasons it matters so much and why having it can help a great deal, no matter what you want from your career. 

It Helps In Salary Negotiations

Naturally, confidence helps in salary negotiations. It helps you ask for more money from your employer. When you have it, it lets you waltz into the manager’s office and demand what they owe you for all your effort. Without it, you can remain mired in a state of low pay for years without seeing your income rise to acceptable levels. 

It Helps You Embrace Challenges

Having confidence in the job market also helps you embrace challenges. You’re much more likely to take on more responsibility and try to get more done if you feel a groundswell of energy from within. 

For example, confidence lets you see past challenges and keeps you in sight of the ultimate goal. It gives you the emotional fortitude you need to see through tough times and come out of the other side a winner. 

Confidence is particularly good when your challenges involve uncertainty. Instead of dithering, you embrace opportunities and work with them to achieve your goals. You don’t delay or wait until you’ve missed the boat. 

It Creates A Stronger First Impression

Confidence is also a good way to create a strong first impression with the people around you. Being your own champion gives other people confidence in you and encourages them to trust you with more responsibility going forward. 

Confidence, for instance, can set you apart from other candidates gunning for the same role. You come across as more accomplished, even if you have less experience. 

CV Experts believe in the value of confidence when first approaching an employer. If you can be forthcoming in person and in your writing, the likelihood of getting the job you want goes up significantly. 

It Helps You Communicate More Effectively

Another lesser-known perk of being confident is the impact it has on your communication style. Instead of mumbling into a microphone or shying away from office conversations, you’re front and centre, putting your points across. Confidence comes through strongly in all your interactions, whether you’re communicating via email or talking to the boss in person. 

Confidence is also inspiring for others. When you say things with real belief in the substance of your commentary, other people are more likely to get on board with your ideas. 

So there you have it: some of the benefits of being confident in the labour market. You don’t have to be perfect, but having some trust and self-belief can help you get through challenging selection processes.