Today, with over half a billion streams to his name, breakout pop sensation Alexander Stewart releases his new single “broken by you,” the first release from his forthcoming album due out later this year. Co-written by Alexander with The Nocturns, Corey Sanders and Nolan Sipe, the brazen, cinematic new single marks the beginning of a new chapter for Alexander as he learns to navigate an inevitable heartbreak.

For artist Alexander Stewart, music has always been his passion, he points out. He goes onto recall how he started singing when he was six years old. Starting out in Church, and then lending his talents to the choir over the years. At the age of 15, the artist stumbled onto pop music [more spefically, Sam Smith’s first album]. This went onto inspire the aspiring artist with the confidence to pursue his career in music.

Alongside his new single “Broken You”, we had an opportunity to ask Stewart about his latest single “If I Only Knew You”. He explains how this particular piece is the most deeply and personal song he has written to date. The artist opens up on how it was personally one of the most emotionally led songs to write and release. Inspired by his own struggles with mental health and happiness.

“…it developed me as an artist in so many ways but the main one would have to be it broke down a barrier for me with the level of personal, scary, real life experiences i feel comfortable with putting in my music”.

Stewart explains how he makes music to talek about emotions that he feels are universally not spoken about. How when he writes, he images what his 14 year old self would have needed to hear. Showcasing humility, he hopes that his music stands out for its honesty around topics that form part of a large proportion of growing up.

The artist does reference “broken by you” as his favourite creation to date. Whilst a deeply personal song for Stewart. He notes that due to the song being produced in a fun uptemp way, it is a song that has offered a new style for the artist to explore, and as such was very exciting to write. Stewart highlights how through his lyrics, he wants people to listen to his music and leave feeling a little less alone. The core behind everything he does when creating his music.

The artist references his parents as being extemely instrumental in getting to where he is today. He opens up about the challenges with bullying in pursuing his music career….it started in high school, and moved to internet hate. When it started it was extremely hard to deal with, but as i got older i found ways to cope! When you are following your dreams, there will always be people that try and bring you down… but that says a lot more about them than it does you. doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt though!

Alexander opens up on having OCD. He explains it is something that he struggles with everyday but has learned many coping strategies over the years through therapy and other means. “It’s never something i will fully overcome, but it’s something i can now live a normal life with. it’s a huge part of my life and i hope me being open and honest about it will help others”. He goes onto point out that most of his time is spent working on his music. With a preference for the outdoors, exercise and spending time with friends and family. When it comes to his music, the artist references the importance of finding the right people in the music industry a kin to making the music you want to produce. Using his own experience, he highlights how it took years to find the right people around him to help bring his ideas to life. Forever grateful for the humans that have helped him feel confident enough to truly speak his mind and turn his ideas into reality.

For those looking to follow in Alexander Stewart’s footsteps, the artist believes it is important for you to be yourself, and to not give up. Noting his experience – when you make music, the right people will listen. Referencing the journey as a marathon and not a sprint; he points out the importance of. being kind to yourself and following your dreams because you love what you do.