Award Winning Actor and Filmmaker Jax Malcolm on “The Listening” & Pursuance of a Dream!


We caught up with award winning actor and filmmaker Jax Malcolm. At the age of 18, he begins by explaining that his life experience is very much an LA experience to that of an American one. Highlighting how for the last 8 summers he has spent working as a Junior Lifeguard, having visited Disneyland more times than he can remember! He goes onto point out how he was drawn to telling stories from a very young age by acting them out. Referencing his first job playing a mad scientist for a commericial. Fast forward to today, and the actor confidently points to having never looked back!

“The dedication to my training has prepared me for every audition I’ve ever had. It’s helped me understand the choices the character I’m playing makes and how to convey them on-screen”.


Jingle Trails is the first film Malcolm’s production company KAP has produced. According to the actor, it was an incredible experience to deal with budgets, scheduling, & casting; opening his eyes to the rest of the filmmaking process. One that helped him to more fully understand what it takes to get a film made. As for his character, Malcolm explains that he plays the character Tyler. A funny individual by nature, who really and truly loves Santa Claus and can’t believe his good fortune when he runs into him on Santa’s day off. He admits to no getting nervous for auditions or walking into a room. Instead choosing to focus that energy on sharing his excitement of his interpretation of that particular role.

Photo Credit Julian Dahl

In order to get into character. Malcolm explains how he begins by doing a lot of research to better understand the story and character’s point of view. If information is not forthcoming, he creates the story himself. In the actor’s own words..”an actual being that both myself and the audience can relate to”. He does however admit that the greatest challenge is hearing the word “NO”! Going onto explain how this is the reality of the process of auditions. You will inevitably come across a lot more no’s than yes’s, and have to realize very early on that if this is the career you want to pursue, to expect to be ok with being subjected to this grueling process.


Malcolm opens up about having an auditory processing disorder, a learning disability (similar to dyslexia)…”it can cause stress and anxiety when I don’t hear something correctly. The best thing I’ve found to deal with stress is meditation. I use the CALM app daily to meditate and focus”. He explains that he approaches his career very different to most. Looking to not get wrapped up in what if’s. Highlighting that with nothing ever guaranteed, if he books a job great, but equally if not, then that’s ok as well. The key he explains is to follow your dreams and not to let anything stand in your way!

He explains that his dream role would be to be involved within action fillms, such as the Transformers, Marvel and Power Rangers franchise. Although his proudest achievement to date has been none other than his award winning horror script “The Listening”. Humbly admitting that he never thought this was an accomplishment he could ever dream to achieve, let alone win awards for on the film festival circuit.