US Actress Lola Raie on her Lead Role in the Animated Film Ainbo “Spirit of the Amazon”


Known for her lead role as Ainbo in the animated film Ainbo “Spirit of the Amazon”. US Actress Lola Raie explains how she loves being able to play different characters and network. Fully appreciative of the experiences that many don’t get to have, and not one to take for granted. Chosen from a worldwide search to voice her latest character (Ainbo), the actress highlights how there are a number of similarities between her character and herself, from her fiery spirit to a certain resemblance!

The actress’s journey started very early on. Referencing her parents unyielding support and encouragement, she found herself pursuing a path that has opened a world of opportunities. She explains that “not many kids have the opportunity at such a young age, and I’m grateful my parents made the sacrifices they did because I love being able to live out my dream”.

Lola does humbly admit that there are always elements to improve within her craft and ways to grow! With a love for comedy and sarcasm, she highlights how her greatest challenge is getting past the rejection that comes with being an actor. “I’ve trained with a lot of great coaches over the years. Each one has taught me things that I carry on this journey”.

Photo Credit: Amy Pogue

Whilst not overly big on letting her social media platforms build her career, she fully acknowledges the importance it brings with being in her chosen profession. Highlighting the opportunities the platforms open up, although steadfast in the knowledge that she wants to focus on building her craft in her own personal way.

In the actress‘s down time, she enjoys reading Murder Mystery books and binge watching Criminal Minds. In addition to being an avid surfer and spending time with her family! She explains how she admires actors who have a good range, such as Zendaya and Florence Pugh. Whilst the actress admits to getting nervous during callbacks, she recalls the best way to push through is to take deep breaths and focus on what you’re there to do! #watchthisspace