US Actress Gloria Garauya on Acting for True Beginners & Making an Impact!


Since her casting as an intern in “Greys Anatomy” [Intern Graciella], Gloria Garauya has gone onto build a portfolio within the acting industry, that spans over 60 prestigious productions. Ranging from Shameless; NCIS Los Angeles through to Reckoning. With her latest inclusion with TV Mini-series “Maid”. A series that follows a young mother (having fled an abusive relationship) who finds a job cleaning houses as she fights to provide for her child and build them a better future.

“I always loved performing. But I didn’t think it was something you could learn to do. I thought it had to be given to you or inherited. I finally snapped out of that ridiculous thinking and realized that I could learn the principles of acting…”

Gloria explains that she initially started for the fun element, initially performing in school plays. Choosing to major in acting once she reached college. The actress’s love for her passion is clear to see. Referencing how it was not just the training that she enjoyed, but the academics behind it as well. Highlighting that whilst acting is something you can do without training, training just made it that much more real. Utilizing abstract ideas on concrete principles. She explains that she loved learning about the history of theatre; reading plays from different centuries, and the collaboration this art form brought with it.

“Acting is just one aspect of performance art. Creating a project requires many artists coming together to all put forth their contributions to bring one singular vision into reality”. 

Getting into Character

Gloria explains that her favourite form if character is a detective. Going onto highlight her love for figuring out puzzles, and that sense of being a “badass”. 

One of the actress’s biggest challenges has been remaining calm in between jobs, she explains. Highlighting that when a job ends, she tends to be on a high and can’t wait to start the next one. Although the reality with being an actor is that you can find yourself waiting some time before signing onto the next job.  

“An actor’s job is never to stop learning and realize that one’s ability can get rusty if not constantly practiced”.

Her advice for students seeking a career in acting is to get good at multitasking. She explains that a career in acting means you must be doing many things at once. From holding down a full-time job, to being active with taking acting classes at night and performing in a play or student film on the weekend.

“I remember being in my 20s and 30s and constantly juggling balls in the air with daytime jobs, or night-time jobs, and a full-time acting career as well as teaching on the side. It was just part of the hustle that helped me create the foundation I stand on today”. 

Acting for True Beginners

In addition to her acting portfolio, the actress took the decision to branch out into teaching. A part of her career she has kept quite quiet about for the last 20 years. Through her vast acting experience, Gloria explains how this has allowed her to pass her knowledge to aspiring students looking to get involved in the industry.

I always wanted the association of my name to be with acting first and teaching second. I am proud to be a teacher and a good one. But it has always been my side hustle behind my first love, pursuing my acting career”.

The actress explains that she started “Acting for True Beginners” as she found herself reaching a point in her career where she could not balance her private acting students with her professional ambitions. Not wishing to turn anyone away due to her love of as an acting teacher; and equally most notable that if someone is coming to her for advice, it would be wrong in her view to turn them for a dream they wished to pursue. “The biggest group I was helping was beginners. So, I decided to open the most space in my schedule; I would pre-record my beginner lessons as an easy-to-access bundle that would provide value to my students”. In doing so, allowed Gloria to offer her students a one-one session from the comfort of their own home whenever they wanted. A prerequisite for private coaching. Allowing students to familiarize themselves with her style and vocabulary before coming to her for private one-on-one classes.

The actress does reiterate though that her tutoring has and never will be to replace an acting class. With a primary focus of helping people gain an education in acting and confidence as performers. For the very reason that in her view acting classes offer an essential element that every actor needs to grow. That is the element of the audience, whether it is simply an audience of one in a one-on-one acting lesson with a coach or an audience of 10 in a group acting class. 

Making an Impact

The actor explains that whilst she no longer gets nervous when going for auditions. She points to having been through hours and hours of practice, and countless auditions. Instead, seeing auditions as an opportunity to perform and show her interpretation of the character. Gloria goes onto explain that the best part about being an actress is having a professional excuse to try out other career paths. “As an actress, I can be a doctor, lawyer, detective, cop, mother of four, teacher, scientist, etc. And when I get a role for a profession that isn’t my own, it is my job to research that profession”. The actress’s dream role a leading role in a multi-cam comedy. Highlighting that as long as she is receiving the opportunity to be creative, she is content!#watchthisspace