US Actor Mitchell Berg on working with Nickelodeon & art of the Side Hustle!


Best known for Side Hustle and playing Lil Dynomite on the hit Nickelodeon series, Henry Danger, we sat down with rising US star Mitchell Berg. A passion which he openly admits, was initially drawn towards baseball when he was growing up. As it so happens, he fortuitously stumbled across Matilda the Musical on attending a theatre camp and fell in love instantly. The young actor admits that this propelled him into taking on acting, singing, and dancing classes. Whilst baseball slowly took a backseat as his career into acting started to take hold.

A Path into Training as an Actor

Mitchell explains that he has spent countless hours in the studio and at competitions in order to learn and showcase different techniques. Further assisted by his training at The Centre Stage Studio in Southern California. Going onto to highlight how through his training, this led to an opportunity for his first open call audition for a US national tour where he was asked to come to New York City for a call back. Although unbeknown to Mitchell at the time, this was only the start of further incredible opportunities that were to come his way.

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“Nickelodeon called me to ask if I would help them with a table read for a possible new show. When I showed up to the table read, I met Jules Leblanc and Jayden Bartels. Moments later, we all sat down to read a draft of the first episode of Side Hustle for about sixty Nickelodeon executives… then I was offered the role of “Fisher” the very next day”.

The young actor later found out “Lil’ Dynomite” would be coming back for the Henry Danger spinoff series, Danger Force! Mitchell admitting that he could not believe this resulted from his initial Nickelodeon audition which he did not get. “It’s true when people say you never know what can come from one audition. I didn’t get that role, but it ended up opening doors for other amazing opportunities”.


Side Hustle & Danger Force

For the young actor, it is an incredible honour that both Nickelodeon and the producers of these shows trusted him to work on both Side Hustle and Danger Force simultaneously. Only made possible due to the effort on part of the producers from both shows to ensure Mitchell’s filming schedule and his class schedule did not conflict. Mitchell admits that whilst nerves come and go, he finds the best way to manage these flair ups is to be as prepared as possible. To learn his lines and blocking so he is able to focus solely on getting into character and the story; placing whatever is going on aside.

For those new to Side Hustle, the show follows three best friends who take a bunch of short-term jobs to earn month to pay their school principal back for the cost of his boat. Whilst Lil Dynomite’s backstory started as a potential superhero sidekick to Kid Danger on Henry Danger. Mitchell explains that when it comes to similarities between the two characters, both play the keytar which the actor admits is quite an odd musical instrument. With Lil’ Dynomite having physical powers, whilst Fisher seeks to make people powerful through his inventions. He goes onto explain that being an actor, he is fortunate to be constantly surrounded by creative people who want to work together and try new things! Offering the actor an opportunity to explore what motivates people so he can place that into his characters.

Following in his Footsteps

The actor admits that he would love to work alongside Kevin Hart. He points to three key tips for anyone seeking to follow acting as a career. Firstly, to focus on various aspects of acting. From comedy, drama, improvisation, scene study – “anything you can to do to expand your skills”. To get in front of an audience as much as you can so you can learn what makes people respond and you yourself can do to help them immerse themselves in the story.

Secondly, to learn how to help everyone be successful within their role whether this be in front or behind the camera. From being ok with a small part, to standing in the right place, or simply being quiet on set when others are running their scenes. Finally, to stay positive and never stop learning. He points out that you will not always get every part you want, but you will get every part that is meant for you. Finishing with that as long as you are positive, you will enjoy exactly where you are allowing you to keep your focus on your passion for what acting brings. #watchthisspace