Los Angeles artist Harper Starling on No More What If; and her upcoming UK tour!


We sat down with Los Angeles based artist Harper Starling prior to her latest release No More What If. Inspired by her co-lyricist Cindy Valentine, Harper explains how the duo were keen to offer a music composition that offers a relatable journey for both themselves and anyone leaving home to pursue their career. Tapping into a side of Harper’s life she had yet to explore as a writer, she explains. Going onto point out how her music stands out due to the infectious beats; and relatable lyrics.

The artist’s story starts back in 2015, where she was introduced to a member of the Violent Femmes in Milwaukee [USA]. This led to a number of gigs around the Wisconsin area, and from then, the artist knew she wanted to immerse herself in the pop scene. Eventually putting her on a path with a move to Los Angeles.

‘As they say, the rest is history. I knew from the age of 8 that this was what I was meant to do. At that age, I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome. Every time I sang, the tics would disappear so it became second nature for me’. 

80s Inspired Pop Music

Harper’s influence for her music is inspired through current 80s-inspired pop music with heavy synths. A mash up between Dua Lipa in terms of vocal approach; Freddie Mercury in terms of dramatic flare on stage, with Lady Gaga and her dance troupe slaying in the mix. Highlighting that from a very early age she learnt that in order to succeed at something, you must have a very strong work ethic. Referencing both her parents and grandmother who were extremely influential in instilling a strong work ethic.

When it comes to finding people in the music industry, she points to trial by error methodology. “It was one of those trial by error methods until I signed with the right management company”. Singing for the artist is her livelihood, although she does like to find time for logic puzzles. Something Harper openly admits as being her ‘jam’. The key she says is to stay positive and true to your vision and surround yourself with likeminded people, which over time will lead to the right connections coming along your chosen path. She explains that her greatest challenge to date has been finding the courage to leave the comfort of her life in Wisconsin and pursue her passion for music in Los Angeles.

Looking ahead to 2022, Harper is working towards a new album release. With an upcoming performance at Los Angeles Fashion Week [Peterson Museum] on October 7th. With a tour in the UK starting from the 15th October!!!#watchthisspace