DJ Pablo Bravas on his latest single “Finally Me” & leaving ego at the Door!


I think Finally Me is showing a more playful side to the project. The message is a positive one and I like the idea of spreading positivity, especially right now when there’s so much uncertainty in our lives. – Pablo bravas

The DJ points out how his venture into music originated at the age of 11. However, only truly took off through a House and Garage Youtube channel called Eton Messy, which the dj and two of his friends setup. Through it’s success, the trio found themselves flying all over the country playing shows. Pablo Bravas explains how he embarked on a music venture “Blonde” with a good friend of his, which led to their first chart success “I Loved You” (7th UK Chart). Subsequently leading to “All Cried Out”(4th UK Chart), and a collaboration with his boyhood hero Craig David with “Nothing Like This” (charting at 15th).

The DJ is heavily inspired by the dance music he grew up with in the 90’s and 00’s. A time which has a special place in his heart and hopes that comes across in his music. He points to being very strong focused referencing his band days and songwriting, which allowed him to hone his craft. “I like it when vocals are slightly odd and not what you’d expect to hear on a record of that style. I think we really nailed that with Finally Me and I’ve tried to keep that reoccurring across all of my releases”. The dj enjoys the aspect of music that provokes an array of emotions. Highlighting how with “Finally Me” he wanted his sound to be empowering lyrically and playful; yet hard hitting instrumentally.

Striving for Success

Pablo Bravas references his mother as a key instrument in encouraging the artist to choose a music career path. Openly admitting to struggling with focus when involved in a project he has little passion for.  He points to being a “mixing pot” for mental health, opening up about struggling with anxiety and depression in the past. “It can be a lonely place yet a place millions of people across the world are all experiencing simultaneously. Sometimes just knowing you’re not alone in those feelings is enough”. He highlight how it goes without saying that having a presence is important for artists of every kind. Noting the pressures on artists to post regularly on socials. Explaining that he is of the view he would rather post engaging stuff and less regularly that contained more substance.

What is key for the dj is finding your peers when developing your music. The ability to open the door to the world you desire to be part of. He found social media very useful for this and references friendships both professional and personal that have started that way. The DJ believes is vitally important to connect with likeminded people. In doing so, collaborating and finding friends who will give you honest feedback. “Let go of your ego and remember success is a marathon, not a sprint”! #Watchthisspace

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