Madrid-based Quartet Hinds on The Prettiest Curse


Madrid-based quartet Hinds recently announced their third album, The Prettiest Curse, which is scheduled for release on 5th June. We caught up with the talented quartet to find out about their latest album and their journey into the music industry!
“Carlotta and Ana started playing covers some years ago and in 2014 ade and me (amber) joined the band. Bamboo was released on Bandcamp and everything was like a domino effect since that moment.”  -Amber Grimbergen (Drummer)

When it comes to their new album the quartet feel they made a huge step as artists. Having involved themselves in more writing sessions, they have seen a huge difference in the level of music being produced.
Amber opens up about it having been especially tough for the quartet to grow as a band in Spain. Highlighting the unjustified comments just because of being a young-full-girl-band. Expanding further, Amber explains whilst the motions they go through are easier to deal with it has been slow progress.  

“My anxiety and stress have increased a lot over the last months, and it has given me a lot of trouble with sleeping, feeling really sad sometimes and it obviously affects a lot of areas of my life…”
Amber goes onto express the need for mental health in the music industry to not be seen as taboo, and allow of more open discussions so it can be normalised.
Looking to those around her, when it comes to finding people in the music industry that are akin to the music the quartet are looking to produce, Amber expresses gratitude to which the whole band has learned so much from. It has allowed them to change the way they work on their music by providing new perspectives, which have had a great impact on the level of music produced.
For those students interested in following in HINDS footsteps, Amber believes you just need to go for it and to keep believing in your art.

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