The Modern Society: “Liquid Love” and Finding their Niche


“we never planned on getting into music as a career, it just seemed to find its way into our lives so naturally and it will feel wrong doing anything else”. – Lucas (vocals & piano)
We caught up with the Cheshire based alternative pop fourpiece The Modern Society ahead of their new release Liquid Love.

Finding their Niche
The young artists got into music at early ages either via family members and/or various music influences they were fans of. Whilst still at school Lucas (vocals & piano) and Declan (drums) met and joined their first band before realising that that wasn’t their scene and branched out to form The Modern Society. It was at this stage they met Simon Jones out of the 90’s super group The Verve, spotting their raw talent he took them under his wing. The team found a complete outfit with the addition of Connor (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Jack (guitar & backing vocals) in 2019.
The boys explain they are influenced by different genres and this seems to work really well, giving their sound a distinctive flavour. “We are all still young and although our education is priority we really want to pursue a career in the music industry”.
Their recent release Liquid Love was one of the first tracks that The Modern Society recorded. For the artists it was great to work on as they highlight the simplicity by which it forced them to implement little rhythmic and harmonic nuances to create its polished feel. The inspiration behind the track surrounds an infatuated teen sat at a piano on a warm summers evening, using music to express his state of mind
As for their music, with influences from Rock, Jazz, Funk and Pop music, the boys have carved out an unique blend of differences music styles. Ultimately, their diversity is what The Modern Society believes makes them stand out.
On the whole the band want their music to make people feel good. Highlighting Liquid Love as such as example of a feel good tune, with reference to their debut single Bad Thoughts, which the band admits has more dark lyrical content.
However, the young artists admit they would not be where they are now if they did not have a strong network of patient and supportive parents. On top of this the artists highlight how incredibly blessed they are to be working with Simon Jones as their producer. Pointing to his thirty plus years of practical knowledge and experience in the business which has had an enormous impact on providing their combined raw talent and energy a polished and experienced sound.
Getting Creative with Social Media
The artists highlight social media as a great tool to help ensure they are keeping their fans updated and involved with the bands activity so they can feel like a community as well as a band. We utilise all major platforms, finding usage a great way to gain momentum and interest.
For those looking to follow Modern Society’s footsteps, the boys have this advice.
“Never tell yourself you can’t do/achieve something. Start with making yourself happy rather than trying to fit into a category – forming and creating music for the enjoyment of it.
It is very hard to fail in creating something you, yourself enjoy.”
In such a competitive market, with so many bands and musicians all with one aim – the boys note getting signed to a record company their biggest challenge. As well as constantly developing their live performances and writing new tracks with our third release out later on this summer (She’s a Killer) the band are working on production ideas for their next video. With future plans to continue to make the music that they love with the hope that we will amass a big enough fan base to enable them the opportunity to play at bigger gigs although the ultimate goal is to get signed to a major record label.