Set aside some time for this enthralling episode of the Student Pages Podcast as we dissect Brandon Soo Hoo’s fascinating acting career that kicked off with Sesame Street, and expanded to include major roles in smash hits like ‘Tropic Thunder’ and ‘G.I. Joe’. Brandon opens up about his early encounters with show business, the thrill of transitioning from commercials to the big screen, and how his martial arts background has distinctly shaped his acting journey.

In this instructive chat, Brandon dispenses valuable advice for those aspiring to follow his path into acting. He delves into his love for the craft, how staying true to one’s passion can eclipse the more business-focused aspects of the industry, as well as his take on the intense, yet rewarding approach of method acting.

But the dynamic Brandon’s talents extend far beyond acting. Discover his foray into the restaurant business, driven by his family’s love for cooking and his own culinary passion. Listen in as we delve into his diverse world– from martial arts and acting to entrepreneurship.

Also, get a taste of the animation world as Brandon speaks on his exciting role, streaming on Paramount Plus, ‘The Tiger’s Apprentice’. Listen to him passionately discuss the inherent strength in embracing one’s cultural heritage and his connection with his character’s journey of self-discovery—the underlying themes of the film.

Thrilling for prospective actors or anyone intrigued by the world of film and animation, this episode offers a uniquely intimate insight into Brandon’s self-discovery journey and his ethos on being present. Join us for this insightful chat with Brandon Soo Hoo, actor, martial artist, entrepreneur, and more.