Jamie Lawson “She Sings to Me” & Finding Strength through Perseverance!


“I’ve been very lucky to have a family that were very supportive of me, a Mum that never told me to get a proper job even when I was making no money whatsoever. She could see I was happier doing what I was doing and that that was more important.” – Jamie Lawson
Lawson’s first release since parting ways with his label after a successful 3 album run, Student Pages caught up with the extremely talented artist to delve deeper into the artists humble beginnings and his road to “She Sing for Me”!

Doing it My Way
Lawson explains how he left art college at the age of 20, pointing out that he felt this was not his path. The artist didn’t realize so early on that he could make a living out of singing. Something which he humbly admits, was to initially get by, and that was enough.
“I think I’m a very straight down the line singer/songwriter. I don’t think there’s anything particularly special or outstanding about what I do but there is an honesty to it that people seem to relate to.”
The artist highlights how his new release “She Sings for Me” has definitely seen him develop as both an artist/producer. Referencing the recording of the EP in his home studio, written with the talents of Ben Mark and Jamie Norton. This led to bringing in partners to finalize the masterpiece. One element Lawson is particularly proud of is that this EP above those before, are more his vision. The song itself looking to embody how music is always there to be turned to.
Lawson highlights “Wasn’t Expecting That” being his favourite creation. For the very reason it has taken him to places and allowed the artist to get experiences he never dreamed of undertaking. For his fans, Jamie hopes his music provides a sense of hope and a feeling of not feeling alone in the world.
Finding Strength
Jamie explains he has always been quite stubborn in following his dreams. One not to let anyone get in the way of his dreams, which he admits can sound a bit bullish in itself. However, this being said, it is a journey the artist has progressed through with “kindness”. Admitting to having suffered from depression and sadness. Lawson opens up about days that you feel completely lost and that will last forever. Hard days. He points to his Jamie Lawson album called “Sometimes It’s Hard” which deals with these very experiences:
“There is no easy answer, there is no miracle cure. Clouds they tend to cast a shadow over what is pure. Rest assured it will not last like rain that falls it has to pass And the sun it will shine again, the sun it will shine again.”
The artist highlights that you have to remember when you’re going through those dark times, they won’t last, just like being in lockdown right now through this corona virus pandemic, it won’t last, we will get to go out again and see our friends and family.
Building a Career through Social Media
These days if you want to get signed, harnessing your social media is vitally important, Lawson explains. Going on to expand that If you don’t have the numbers then a label isn’t going to take a chance on you. However, for those not looking to sign to a label,  Lawson points to opportunities that exist to forge your own path, finding your listeners and those that like what you do and selling and interacting directly with them. Something the artist is currently engaged with at the moment.
Highlighting that If you can find an ally in this business your life is always going to be easier. Lawson points to finding an ally in your manager. Someone who is going to be on your side and see things from your point of view and occasionally try and show you something from a different point of view if it’s in your best interest. It’s a very difficult role.
“I’ve been very lucky and have been with my manager for around 10 years now. He has been the one constant throughout the whole journey and I’m very grateful to him for that.”
For those looking to follow in Jamie Lawson’s footsteps, the artist suggest only doing it if you have to, if it’s your compulsion, your obsession. Honestly admitting, the chances of someone making a living are very small so you need to ensure you are happy doing it for very little in return so early on in your career. Highlighting his biggest challenge to date has been to keep going in the years when he was getting nowhere. Finally getting his first break at the age of 31, and not signing onto Gingerbread Man Records till he was 38.
“That’s a lot of time in the wilderness thinking I was good enough to make it, watching friends get signed and become huge stars, and me going nowhere.”
Looking to the Future
The new EP Moving Images is due to come out on May 29th. Lawson highlights without being able to make videos and do radio promo etc it’s an interesting time to see how they can get the music out there. Currently doing an Instagram livestream every Monday at 7pm which the artist is enjoying as it offers a wonderful opportunity of engaging and hanging out with fans, doing a different theme each week. With plans to release another EP later in the year.
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