Los Angeles based artist Erin Reese on HomeTown Heart; and A Little Bit of Blue!!


Erin Reese started performing in a local musical theatre company and soon found her passion for singing, she explains. Having already been involved in modelling, dancing and acting; incorporating singing into her repertoire felt naturally organic, and as a result fell into place with what she was already involved with. We caught up with the Los Angeles based artist following her latest release Hometown

Photo credit Nicole Mitchem

Heart. A song the artist explains is very personal due to the love towards her family and her home. Going onto highlight how when they started coming up with ideas for the song, she remembers saying how whist she loves all the opportunities she has been given, it is always nice to be home. With the essence of the song focusing around always having a piece of home in the artists heart no matter where she is.

“I want my music to be inspirational and have a positive message. Music today is all over the place and I just want the listeners to feel good when they hear my songs, get up dance and smile.”

The artist’s favourite song to date has been her “A Little Bit of Blue”, due for release next month. Proud of all her productions to date, the artist is also due to release her first Christian based song later this year, with an overarching view of seek to invoke happiness and positivity through her music.


Photo credit Nicole Mitchem

Reese explains that her parents have been incredible in their support of her dream. Pointing to the many sacrifices they have made to help her obtain her dream. Referencing her older sister and five year old niece as her biggest cheerleaders, the artist points to her manager Cody who she finds inspirational to work with through each & every day. The artist opens up about the reality of seeking a career in the entertainment industry at such a young age. Highlighting how when she first started modelling at the age of 5, she was bullied constantly by her peers due to being on a TV commercial or magazine cover. Leading Reese to avoid sharing her incredible talents with those who she thought she was closest to. Reese goes onto explain that she suffers from anxiety, opening up about lacking confidence in certain areas of her life, in addition to being her own worsed critic.

The artist explains how working through social media can be a gauntlet to run through very early on. Pointing to talent agents refusing due to the perceived lack of social media following above that of the actual talent itself. “For a while I was following what others told me I needed to do, then when the pandemic started I decided I wanted to do what made me comfortable. I wanted people to see me for who I really am; funny, quirky, just a normal girl”. It seems to be working, Reese explains, as she has found her presence on instagram is growing at pace! Going onto note how social media is a great platform to express who you are and what your talents are.

She explains how she was incredibly fortunate that her management team put her with Jamie Floyd to write songs.. I want to produce great music, she points out, and hopes to be noticed by bigger influences with who she can collaborate in the future. “Dolly Parton if your reading this “call me.” For Reese, practicing, learning to play an instument and taking voice lessons has been instumental in forming the foundation to getting her to where she is today. Highlighting how her biggest challenge to date has been learning to play the guitar. The artist is currently prepparing to shoot her next music video for her forthcoming release A Little Bit of Blue; with plans to release two more songs this year. All whilst looking forward to getting back to Nashville to write some more music! #watchthisspace