Hedara on “Sad Girl Syndrome” & Overcoming Bullying


Hedara has been singing as long as she can remember. She grew up with grandparents who really pushed her love of music. Growing up listening to all types of different genre, ranging from classical to rock, crooners to r’n’b, Hedara started taking her singing seriously around the age of 12. Having embraced every music class she could, Hedara’s journey saw her being accepted into the coveted BRIT School. We caught up with her in anticipation of her new single “Sad Girl Syndrome”, to discuss her new release, her journey and the inspiration behind her music. 

“Music for me has always been an outlet, my own little therapy session. I found that singing about how I felt really let me open up”.

Sad Girl Syndrome

Hedara’s music can be described as raw alt-pop, the artist explains. A big lover of soaring melodic lines, moody bass sounds and electronic vibes. Hedara highlights how these notes, once mixed together, create her own version of pop.

“I always write from a place of truth –  I think my honest lyrics and vocals are what make me stand out, and the fact that I always try to be the best version of myself, because everyone else is taken.” 

According to the artist, Sad Girl Syndrome has allowed her to truly embrace the pop side of music; whilst lyrically showcasing a side of being able to accept her flaws and not be scared to share/talk about them. The song is by its own creation an embodiment of Hedara herself. Explaining how she kept beating herself up about things she could do better, the song is a representation of her inner struggles, where she has allowed herself to embrace the reality that everything is a learning curve and as long as she can grow from mistakes then she is on the right track.

“Sad Girl Syndrome is a love letter to myself, and it’s allowed me to appreciate how far I’ve already come, and that being yourself is the best thing.”

Pointing out that she loves all of her songs for different reasons. With special reference to her favourite creation ‘Slow’.  A song that the artist admits made her find her sound and allowed her to identify as an artist. For her listeners, Hedara is keen for her music to provide an emotive connection. To feel a sense of hope, irrespective of the [her] music they are listening to. 

Overcoming Bullying

Hedara opens up to having been horribly bullied at secondary school. She explains how she knew that she wanted to turn the dreams she had into her reality..

“I feel like a lot of people felt threatened by that. I wasn’t a boastful teen and I found it really hard when certain peers tried to break me down. They picked at my voice, my looks, personality – anything they could.”

For the artist, bullying inadvertently created a “thick skin”. Admitting that the comments deeply upset her, and there are still certain things that can still be a trigger. Nevertheless, she realised very early on she could stand on her own two feet. Realizing that not everyone in the world will like you, and to be totally fine with that reality. She goes onto highlight how there were times at school when she wanted to not sing or write, but equally felt that she could not let them win. She explains how she wouldn’t be defeated, so Hedara turned her sadness and upset into strength and determination.

The artist points out that whilst she has always been a very confident person, she can by her own admission really overthink things, which can stand in her way. Opening up how she is her own worst critic and “an utter perfectionist”. Hedara explains how her mental health issues were pushed to their limits when diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a number of years earlier.

“It knocked me for six and took everything out of me. I struggled because my whole life changed, but I’ve  managed to turn everything around. I had huge dark moments where I didn’t see the point in music, but I couldn’t give up on things I had worked so hard for. So I found my “new normal” and started again.”

Social Media – Blessing and a Curse

Hedara finds social media extremely useful in connecting with her fans, and for that she loves what the platforms offer. However, equally pointing out that you will always get trolls and haters, which for the artist is the worst thing about it . A negative the artist rightfully points out needs to be abolished.

“It’s an incredible platform to connect with other musicians/writers/producers, so I’m really confident at reaching out to people via social media –  whereas in real life I might not be so confident!”

Every musician’s journey is different, the artist points out. Some start more on the influencer side of things and gain fans that way without even releasing a single song. Whilst others use it like she does. There’s no wrong or right way about it. Music, in Hedara’s opinion, shouldn’t be judged on how many followers you have. Followers do not necessarily indicate how good a musician is.

Finding the Right People

Hedara believes strongly that finding producers/a team that are a kin to the music you are producing as an artist is vital! She points out that you need to be working with people that believe and understand your project. That way you will get the best possible music. In addition to this, she explains how working with people who “totally get you” sparks off new ideas, strengthens your belief in yourself  and opens up the doors to so many different possibilities. 

Her advice is simple, but incredibly to the point. To work hard, and to not expect it to be plain sailing, whilst always remaining true to yourself. She highlights how her biggest challenge was finding the confidence to start again and release music after her illness.

“I didn’t think anyone would care and that I’d missed my chance, but really it was the making of me.”

Hedara is currently at the first stage of releasing new material which she admits she is very excited about. With an EP coming out later in 2020, the artist is working on creating new music continuously.  With future plans to keep releasing new music, as she points to the buzz she gets from a release being incredibly addictive. The artist loves connecting with new people!!

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