Harrison Storm on “Breathe Again” & Finding Trust in his Artistic Intuition


Australian singer/songwriter Harrison Storm’s music captures a sense of presence with whatever emotion the artist is moving through in his creative life. A sound the artist explains stands out because of the very human and emotional nature of his music. Something he feels are intrinsically very real and relatable. We caught up with the artist ahead of his highly anticipated release Breathe Again, and to delve more into his navigation of the music world!

“When I listen to music myself, I always love learning something about a certain emotion or feeling that I might overlook on my own. So to create that for listeners is something that means a lot to me. Also for the listener to feel a sense of calm and realise that they are not alone with their emotions.” – Harrison Storm

From University to Busker

Harrison explains how he dropped out of university and became a busker on the streets of Melbourne at the beginning of his career.

“A period of time where I really knew nothing about how to release a song and generally how to navigate myself in the music world.”

The artist highlights how as he was busking; he was also recording music for the first time Singer/songwriter Harrison Storm and learning how to promote it. Making connections with people that could help him realize his artistic dreams. Learning on the go, and for the first few years, doing a lot of things himself. Something he found pivotal in building a foundation of knowledge that the artist still relies on today.

“In hindsight, there wasn’t really an option of not pursuing music and following those creative impulses. I was so naturally drawn to understanding myself and making art out of those understandings, it felt so right. It is an ever evolving and exciting way to live life.” 

Harrison explains how every song he writes deepens his understanding of his art and the world around him. Breathe Again is no different. The song is a response to a poem the artist received after a break up that revealed a lot of truths about how people can view reality very differently. Breathe Again was written in a time of important reflection for the artist personally and signifies a turning point in a lot of ways.

The artists favourite creation to date is without doubt his latest single ‘Breathe Again’. Explaining how he has always believed in the sentiment of creating music you yourself enjoy listening to and this song is a classic example of that for Harrison. 

Finding Inspiration

Harrison Storm humbly admits he has so much to thank his close friends for helping him become who he is as a musician today. Having a supportive friendship group has been the bedrock for everything that has come Harrison’s way. Alongside the incredible support of his family to follow his dreams growing up.

“I am very grateful. It is so important, from a young age, to support people in their creativity and to allow them to become who they are.” 

The artist highlights how he has been lucky to have some incredible people in his life help him realise what it’s like to navigate the world as an artist, which at its core can seem like it goes against one’s day to day culture and can be hard to accept. Harrison opens up to having suffered from anxiety. Something he points out has slowly started affecting him on daily basis.

“At its core, it arose from not knowing myself and why I do things and what I need as a human being. That sounds vague but the anxiety was quite general and popped up in what seemed like random places.” 

Harrison believes there is a lot of truth in noticing how the body responds to everyday experiences, and admits to falling into the cultural trap of not listening to those signs and suppressing the emotions. He points out he combats this by listening to his body when anxiety arises, allowing him to get to the root of the problem.

Harrison points to the many connections he has made over the years and has equally learnt a lot from them. The artist highlights how finding the right people to help create and support the ideas you have in your head and heart is a true challenge, but when you do find them, things can really start to flourish.

Harnessing Social Media

For the Australian artist, social media has been one of the most important tools in connecting with fans and letting them into his life in a way that feels natural and not too revealing to his personal life. It has taught the artist to appreciate his authenticity as an artist and what value he can bring to people that support his music. 

Harrison believes it is vitally important to learn to trust your true artistic intuition. “If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Also to look inward and understand WHY you make art and why you want to get into the industry.”

To approach your art from a way that supports good health and mental wellbeing in yourself, so you don’t have to suffer to be an artist and create great art. Highlighting how his biggest challenge to date has been finding out who he is an artist and what it means to create in the world. This is in addition to connecting that art with himself and his listeners.

Looking forward, Harrison will continue to connect with like-minded people in the artistic world who approach their creativity from a place similar to his own. Breathe Again is available now on major streaming platforms. 

Breathe Again - Harrison Storm cover

Harrison Storm has announced a live streaming tour:
SAT JUL 4 United Kingdom @ 1:00pm
SUN JUL 5 Europe @ 1:00pm
FRI JUL 10 North America East Coast @ 8:00pm
SAT JUL 11 North America West Coast @ 7:00pm
SAT JUL 18 Australia @ 8:00pm
All details and tickets at https://www.harrisonstorm.com