Southampton Band “Regent” on “Today” & finding Rock synergy with Poetry!


We caught up with Ben Rooke, lead singer and songwriter for ‘Regent’. Having started out in music in 2007, Ben explains how

he always wrote poetry as a young boy. This was followed with studying music at school and writing songs from the age of 14, “it just seemed like I had a natural talent for poetry and songwriting, so I started a band, tried to always develop in my craft,

and have never looked back since.” Their music best described as melodic, natural and “powerful”, with a key to their success lying in their songwriting abilities.

Their new song “Today” follows a very personal breakup for the artist.  Highlighting how he brought the track to the table, 90% finished, and then built it up as a band together. Further noting how this journey has made him realize how talented each member of the band are throughout the various instrumentations. Leading the band to  very excited about what the future holds in store for them.

When it comes to their fans Rooke is keen for the listeners to go through every emotion when listening to their music, ranging from sadness to happiness; anger to an emotion of being ecstatic. Having experienced their fair share of push backs, the artists highlight they take comfort in seeing their music delivering time and time again against the naysayers who did not believe in them. Rooke opens up about having suffered from depression and anxiety, going down the road of using recreational drugs to suppress his emotions. A route that was doomed for failure, with the artist realizing the only answer was “love” and “music”. Highlighting how in his view; you cannot be successful  without utilizing all available social media outlets to your advantage, and this extends to staying true to yourself.

“…finding a well known, or quality producer is a MUST when starting out in the

industry. If your records aren’t to a high quality, it might not have the same affect as a well

written song that also comes with high quality – plus having a well respected friend

producing your music is priceless when starting out. It’s a must for me.”

To those seeking to follow in Ben’s footsteps, his advice is to enjoy what you do, and above all take it seriously. To find people that are just as courageous and ambitious as you, no wasters, and try to record a quality single, pick your best song, record it and try to find a reputable radio plugger and press company to push it to see the reactions from it.
Ben highlights how his biggest challenge to date, has been getting signed by a good manager. The key he explains is to never give up on your dreams!  The band have plans to to release their debut full length album ‘Just A Revolution’ in spring 2021, in addition to a tour to promote the new album.

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