Surrey based artist Pedro Samp on finding Harlequeen & thinking long term!


We caught up with Surrey based (Rio De Janeiro born) musician Pedro Samp. Having begun his music career at the age of 19 as a private guitar tutor, he explains how it was through one of his students, that he got the opportunity to record a number of original movie soundtracks for the mainstream cinema. Officially launching his solo career in 2019.


His latest release [Harlequeen] has been his biggest challenge to date Samp explains. The aspiring artist’s 14th single, he highlights how he had massive writer’s block for about 3 weeks.  He describes his music as blending R&B, Pop, Bossa Nova & Electronic music.

“I come from a broken family. We were once really happy together and very loving to each other. Then my father left us. As the time went by, I learned that I could re-live all those precious pain-free moments whenever I pleased by simply listening to the great music that my parents introduced me to…I’m currently in a life quest after those melodies capable of bringing smiles, pleasure, tears and joy”.

Samp explains how music kept him and his mind in check. By October 2019, having finally launched his first official single as a solo act “Scarlett”. He found himself able to write his own music, being true to himself and sharing it with the world, which he has found absolutely liberating. He highlights how it freed him. Teaching him how to deal with his anxiety. 

He admits to not knowing too many people in the music industry. Pointing out that he was literally doing it all by himself, from writing lyrics, to singing, playing guitars, bass, synths, piano, beats as well as arranging the creative production. Going onto highlight that the one relationship that changed his life was getting to know his producer, Daniel Alcoforado. Encouraging the musician to step out of his comfort zone and truly explore his vocals as well as his musical ideas. 

Trying Different Aspects of Life

The musician explains that he thought about doing so many different things; before deciding to go back to one simple piece of advice: think long term. “It’s a life-long journey. We’re constantly learning, constantly being challenged, going through changes and you do need to balance it all out with life’s ever-changing priorities”.

Keeping his anxiety in check has been the musicians greatest challenge to date. Understanding exactly where he is in his journey and what his next move should be whilst balancing his personal life and his relationships. Samp is currently in the process of releasing his latest mixed single.#watchthisspace