US Actor & Voice Over Artist Cody Mitchell Key on working with Spielberg, & Dhar Man


US actor & voice over artist Cody Mitchell Key has been passionate about his acting since the age of 5. Known for his performances within Dhar Man, & No Good Nick, he explains how the auditioning process can be a very disheartening process to go through.

“I do get nervous because I want to give 100 % but I also know that at the end of the day of I gave it my very best that is all I can do. I work hard to get into character, memorize my lines and give the best audition I can”.

On the actor’s latest project, of which 12 episodes have been filmed to date. The actor points to having been lucky enough to play a multitude of characters throughout the production. Oddly enough he explains how he seems to be cast as the bully quite often, which is far from who he is in real life. Cody goes onto explain that in order to get into character, he initially start by reading through the script, to allow him to visualize the scene in his head of what is happening. “I sit back and try and feel what that
character is feeling at that moment and try and capture that in my scene”.

For the actor, he highlights how the challenges have always been getting around 10% of what you audition for. A gruelling process that whilst can be mentally draining, it’s equally important to remember that all those auditionees are going through the same motions, which makes dealing with the rejection more easier to deal with, “part of the process”. Equally, with multiple projects on the go, he feels extremely humbled to be in the position he is at the present.

“What I love the most about being an actor is meeting new people, being on set and just
working. I love the craft so much that anytime I get a chance to perform I give it
my all”.

Having been on the receiving end of bullying throughout his career, Cody openly points to questioning his own dreams. However, he has learnt and now lives by the mantra that he is the master of his own dreams. The driver of his own future and nothing that anyone says will change that reality. Whilst openly admitting to losing drive, he seeks to push through by the help of his strong support network of friends and family.

The actor references his greatest achievement to date as being working on a film with Steven Spielberg due for release in 2022, and working on a show “Hunters” with Al Pacino. With aspirations to one day be in a Marvel movie alongside Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Pratt. His advice for anyone wishing to follow in his footsteps is to never give up and never let anyone else decide your dream. It can be tough with rejections after auditions and some people may bully you out of jealousy but you always
have to stay true to you and do what makes you happy”. #watchthisspace